Best Battery For Ford F150

Are powerful batteries a must for every truck? Arguably. But for the Ford 150, the answer is certain. If you are planning road trips in winter with the 150, it naturally calls upon the heavy-duty engine and its ability to withstand a good amount of load.

Hence the battery that you get for the Truck needs to be beyond avant-garde in performance, letting you drive around in the cold weather without faltering.

So for the highest reliability in service, you need the best battery for Ford F-150. In this article, you will find 8 such batteries selected on the basis of their performance, durability, purpose, value, and much more. So for all you need to know Ford car batteries, their reviews, and maintenance, let’s dig in.

Product Reviews on the Best Battery for Ford F150:

Following are the reviews on 8 of the best batteries for Ford:

1.     Most Popular: Optima Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop

The first battery on the list starts with the revered Optima Redtop. You would hear of this one bearing the reputation of the one with a unique solid design for the signature red case of polypropylene case.

But what your riding self may not know, is that this battery is one of the best truck batteries for F150. Here’s why:


  • This battery charger bears a voltage of 13.8 to 15.0 Volts.
  • It consists of a Battery Cell made of Lead-Acid.
  • You get 800 Cold Cranking Amps starting power from this one.
  • The 8004-003 RedTop battery features dual SAE and GM terminals.
  • There is a reserve capacity on this battery of 100 minutes.

If you could get a spill-proof battery that will also deliver well in bad weather, would you take it for your F150? Of course, you would! Add to this the quick mounting ability of this adaptable battery and the ease of placement, and convenience is the middle name!

But what makes this battery such a good performer?

A CCA of 800 amps gives you full support in cold morning starts while the reserve capacity allows consistent performance. It also comes with the SpiralCell technology that allows you excellent tolerance of humidity and temperature. So if you need a reliable battery, this is a good catch.


  • It can deliver 100 minutes of continued performance.
  • Easy installation as it can be mounted in various positions.
  • 15 times high resisting ability to vibrations and shocks.
  • Can suit both hot and cold climates for starting easily.
  • Lasts for 15+ years and longer with good service throughout.


  • Cannot sustain the cold of North Eastern winter.
  • The modern construction is not as good as before.

One of the key points which Optima sells in its batteries is how hugely resistant their batteries are to vibrations than the others. So, these batteries are particularly fine if you are someone who enjoys off-road adventures.

2.     Best High-Performance: Optima Batteries OPT8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop

Here’s another one from Optima! Compared to the 8004-003 34/78 RedTop, the Optima YellowTop has the same battery cell composition.

However, this is much heavier and more suitable for hotter weather than the colder ones, as the CCA is 50 counts lower. But why is it still the best truck battery for Ford F150?


  • The battery cell composition is of Lead-Acid type.
  • This d34/78 dual-purpose battery has both SAE and GM posts.
  • You get a Cold Cranking Amps or CCA count of 750 here.
  • The YellowTop battery has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes.
  • This D34/78 bears a C20 Capacity of 55 Ampere-hours.

So what makes the Optima YellowTop so deserving? Its ability to bear larger electrical loads. The YellowTop has a more secure structure when it comes to acid to surface contact and is set in Spirals, not plates, generating more precision and robustness of performance, providing you more power under attack.

Also, even though it has a lower CCA, it can still sustain starts in winter mornings. But what takes the bet is the receiving capacity of 120 minutes, faster-charging ability, and both SAE and GM post types in the nature of it.


  • This battery comes with a capacity of 55Ah.
  • Made of a strong and long-lasting polypropylene case.
  • Provides you with optimum power in unfavorable conditions
  • Has 15 times better vibration resistance than other batteries.
  • Recharging is quite simple and easy for this battery.


  • If you get recently manufactured batteries from the wrong sellers, the durability will be less.
  • The CCA is a little low compared to other Optima batteries.

So if you want something with a premium cranking ability and some unparalleled cycling rechargeability, you will find this battery to be perfect for your accessory-loaded F150. With its extreme features, this battery can push you through any heavy-load adventures with ease.

3.     Best Fit: ACDelco Gold B24R 24 Group 51 Battery

Have you ever heard batteries fitting like a glove in the car compartments? If you haven’t, here’s one from ACDelco that has the most satisfying fit in the engine compartment of the F150.

Compared to the Optima batteries, this has a higher CCA than the D34/78 YellowTop, but a lower CCA than the  8004-003 34/78 RedTop. What’s more, it is lighter than them both, at just 31.5 pounds.


  • The Gold B24R measures a CCA of 760 amps.
  • This truck battery is only suitable for Truck-type vehicles.
  • When it comes to the optimal temperature, this should be stored between 32°F and 70°F.
  • You get a corrosion-resistant grid on this battery.
  • When it comes to the composition, the cattery Cell features both Lead-Acid and AGM

This battery is a master adapter of fits. For example, if your car previously had an AGM battery, this replacement B224R would be a regular fit.

However, if you have a high-performance car like the F150 and need high-load action from the batteries, you can take advantage of the retrofit.

Another great thing about it is the AGM Plate of the AGM range. Here, the separators work to reduce all kinds of internal resistance so that you have better cycling ability and a much faster recharging acceptance.


  • Features durability in design to prevent poor performance in bad roads.
  • A completely maintenance-free battery that is spill-proof.
  • Is pressurized internally so that it can overcome the vibrations.
  • Has minimized water consumption for better durability.
  • Made of calcium alloy to be strong and resistant to damage.


  • Not the easiest to install for new users getting the battery.
  • The CCA could be a little higher.

If you need a battery that sits well with your F150 and does not spill, this truck battery will have your F150 covered with a secure position.

4.     Best for Adaptability: Optima Batteries 8025-160 25 RedTop Battery

And here is another Optima from the RedTop series like the  8004-003 34/78 RedTop. Compared to the latter, this one has much less CCA. However, it is more lightweight, at just 31.7 pounds, and has dual cell composition of both Lead-Acid and AGM, making it more adaptable than the 34/78.


  • There are 2 types of Battery Cells here, Lead-Acid and AGM.
  • This 8025-160 25 features an SAE post.
  • In terms of the reserve capacity, this battery has a count of 90 minutes.
  • There is a Cold Cranking Amp of 720 CCA in this Optima battery.
  • You have a C20 Capacity of 44 Amp-hours here.

If you are someone who does not need massive starting power or something over the top for your Ford F150, then a CCA of 720 will not cause you to frown.

Because, despite being less than the ones mentioned so far, this battery performs exceptionally well for everyday usage.  It has an optimal starting power while promising 3X longer life.

When it comes to properly charging this battery, you will find it convenient. This maintenance-free battery takes comparatively less time to charge and has a reserve capacity of 90 minutes when you can’t find a source near at hand, making it very reliable on unknown roads.


  • No battery acid spillage is seen after prolonged use.
  • Features both standard lead-acid battery and AGM.
  • The reserve charge can last nearly 90 minutes here.
  • Battery construction will protect the rest of the F150’s engine components.
  • Works fine with most stock and factory vehicles.


  • Not the best battery when it comes to durability.
  • Not for bearing extremely high loads off-road.

Since this features a dual-purpose body that is not so heavy-duty like the YellowTop, for your everyday use, this battery can help your F150  and at the same time, recharge it quicker.

5.     Best Replacement Battery: Kinetik HC600 BLU Series Battery

Are you getting a new battery in place of your old one and need the new battery to give your dying Ford F150 some rapid recovery?

This Ford F150 battery replacement is like no other! In direct competition with the favored D34/78 YellowTop from Optima, this one has a higher CCA, compared to the popular 8004-003 34/78 RedTop, it has dual compositions and as for the weight, this is the lightest so far at just 11.2 pounds.


  • It has a dual Battery Cell composition of both Lead-Acid and AGM
  • You get a startling Cold Cranking Amps of 800 amps here.
  • The HC600 Blue gives you 600W car stereo systems.
  • This Kinetik battery has an 18 Amp-hours rating.
  • You get an ABS plastic case over this battery that is 100% sealed.

If you didn’t know, the HC600 is stronger than 1001 farad caps (or so it claims). When tested, the results were even better. You can mount this battery close to the amplifier to get a reinforcement of 800 amps. And what’s more, it can even start your engine.

This battery is also exceptional when it comes to longevity. Because the Kinetik Power Cell is not only a champion in delivering higher peak amps more quickly, but can also give your engine twice the life.

Thanks to the fiberglass mat separators in suspension, this battery cuts down the leakage, ensures much higher cranking amps, and has quite lower self-discharge.


  • Comes as a perfectly healthy battery right from the manufacturer.
  • Cuts down dimming lights and stuttering powers in the F150.
  • Can take a good amount of heat and vibration and still deliver.
  • Features a clean performance without any voltage drops.
  • Does not cause truck battery installation issues at all.


  • Not the best battery for off-road adventures.
  • Need to be installed properly for the best audio experience.

If you want to play some blasting music while you are riding uphill on your Ford 150, this audio power cell has no match! So for car stereo systems, this is the best you can get.

6.     Best Value: Optima Batteries OPT8002-002 34 RedTop Battery

After the Ford F-150 lightning battery replacement from Kinetic as the HC600 BLU Series Battery, you are back again at the fan-favorite Optima. This time, it is another one from the RedTop series.

As opposed to the 8004-003 34/78 RedTop, this is almost the same, except lightweight. And compared to the 8025-160 25 RedTop, this is higher in CCA but has a single battery cell composition.


  • The 8002-002 has an SAE terminal only.
  • You get a Battery Cell composed of Lead-Acid here.
  • The Cold Cranking Amps measurement is that of 800 amps.
  • In terms of the C20 Capacity, you get 50 Ah in this battery.
  • Considering the battery components, the reserve capacity of 100 minutes.

Suppose you are out for work for a long day and you will need to leave in your F150. Do you think the car that gave you a great start early in the morning, took you to the office, and has been sitting ever since, will be still jammed after a full day of work? If your answer is no, 8002 is here to change it.

Featuring 800 CCA, this battery is meant to take a beating in cold weather. And with the polypropylene casing and vibration resistance, you can only expect good things from it.


  • The truck battery takes a short amount of time to charge.
  • Cranks even after daylong working hours in winter.
  • The battery of the truck can be mounted in several positions for ease of installation.
  • No chance of leakage or spillage for tightly secure construction.
  • Comes with simple instructions that beginners can understand.


  • Does not perform well when it rains heavily.
  • Charge drops significantly if left idle for a long time unused.

If you want a battery that can give you years of consistent performance without abuse from your side and good maintenance, this one from Optima is meant to last a lot of your winter drives!

7.     Best Construction: ACDelco Gold 48AGM Group 48 Battery, Black

Was the fit of the ACDelco Gold B24R 24 Group 51 Battery convincing enough for you? If not, here’s another one from ACDelco! With the same CCA in its inherent nature, this time the construction is heavier and larger. There are great changes in the battery too. Let’s find it out.


  • There is a Cold Cranking Amps of 760 CCA here.
  • In terms of construction, this battery features silver-calcium alloy.
  • Your battery will be completely maintenance-free.
  • There is a calcium-lead positive grid in the 48AGM.
  • The Group 48 battery features Battery Cells made of Silver-Calcium.

The best thing about this truck battery is its AGM post. Here, the separators work to reduce internal resistances while providing excellent improvements in the performance criteria of the F150.

This ensures that you have a better cranking power in the PSOC or the Partial-State-Of-Charge of the battery when you most need it.

Also, for advanced stop/start vehicles that travel on rough roads like the F150 truck, this battery enables your vehicle to bear the higher electrical demands that require high-performing cyclic abilities in . And 48AGM has attained mastery here.


  • Strong construction that decently fits in the Ford F150.
  • Comes with handles making them the easiest to install.
  • Robust construction in the holding plates for secured positioning.
  • Great battery for frequent stop/start applications.
  • Completely maintenance-free without any spillage issues.


  • Relatively heavier for some users.
  • Arrives with a low charge so needs initial charging.

For a sturdy battery that will last you a couple of seasons without needing replacement, the ACDelco Gold 48AGM Group 48 Battery is an excellent choice for long-term users.

8.     Best for Harsh Weather: ACDelco Gold 94RAGM Group 94R Battery

And the last one on the lift is from ACDelco. Compared to the ACDelco Gold 48AGM Group 48 Battery, Black, it has way more CCA and the reserve capacity is unmatched on the list at 140 minutes. But is this the best option for you? Let’s find out.


  • You get a high-density negative paste here on the 94 RAGM.
  • It features a unique Battery Cell composition of Silver-Calcium.
  • The CCA of the ACDelco Gold is extremely high at 850 amps.
  • The construction of this battery is puncture-resistant.
  • There are no free acids on the battery.

The construction of this battery features AGM which ensures that you get no leaks or spills when you are on the go on rough roads.

This model also helps to integrate oxygen-related recombination that helps reduce the water loss and at the same time provides a maintenance-free experience for you.

Another great thing about it is the high-density negative paste. What’s more, it has a vent cap that works to prevent any leakage so that you can drive on without worrying about what toll the roads are taking on the battery and the rest of the engine components.


  • Has a negative paste with high density for longer life.
  • Is made of a superior calcium-lead grid.
  • The best battery when it comes to dealing with harsh weather.
  • Features dual design of AGM and lead-acid.
  • Includes enhanced Silver-Calcium alloy for increased cycle life.


  • Extremely heavy so not very convenient for some users.
  • Not the best when it comes to holding the charge for longer rides.

If you need a battery from a  trusted brand that also needs to be reasonable, this truck battery for your Ford F150 can be a champion with great durability and a stunning fit.

Ford F150 Battery Specifications

Of all the specifications that need to be adhered to, you will find some of them in the buying guide section, while 3 of the important ones have been mentioned below:

Operating Temperature

Every battery, even under the same brand, comes with optimal operating temperatures. This is the right temperature for your battery to deliver the performance that it promises in the specs to a great extent.

So depending on your climate and dominant weather, you should consider the numbers or watch your battery fail when it is not the time to.


If your Ford 150 is a 2015 model, and your friend’s is a 2013 model, and he suggested you get the battery he got for the 2013 Ford, don’t expect it to be a good performer for your 2015.

You should always check for model compatibility among other things when selecting a battery, and that includes where and how the battery cells are positioned for the right fit.

Battery Date Code

If you are keeping new batteries on the shelf for really long, they’ll start to shed off charge. So instead of stockpiling them, get one and a replacement battery if you need extras. Invest in a solid battery so that you don’t have to charge the battery before you install it in your pickup.

How Should I Change The Battery In Ford F150?

If you to change the battery in your Ford 150, you can follow the 5 steps below:

  1. You need to start by opening the hood of the car and then locate the old battery
  2. Next, you will be removing the cables from their corresponding terminals, starting at the black, negative terminal and then moving to the red, positive one.
  3. Now, you will remove the screws and fasteners that hold the battery in position. Then, remove the old battery while keeping it upright.
  4. At this time, you will need to Inspect the tray that held the old battery and check for damage and corrosion and clean it out.
  5. Next, place the newly bought battery with the terminals in the right places and add the screws or fasteners back, starting at the red, positive one and then moving to the black, negative one. And you’re done!

How Should I Recharge The Battery of A Ford F150?

To recharge your battery, you need to get a good charger first, and then move on to the steps below:

  1. First, join the battery terminals with the clamps of the charger. The red, positive lead should go to the plus end and the black/blue, negative lead should go to the minus end.
  2. Now you will be connecting the charger to the electrical source and turning the power on. Adjust the necessary settings as shown in the user’s manual.
  3. In case you want to know how long it will take to charge, you will need to check the flow of the current from the source and the discharge rate of the battery.
  4. Don’t overcharge your battery till you hear boiling sounds. For the perfect charge, turn the charger off and measure what the voltage shows on the battery terminals. For perfectly charged batteries, the voltage stability should be 13V for 12V batteries.

Ford F150 Battery Maintenance Tips

To keep both the performance and the service going on for the Ford F-150, you have to learn how to maintain the battery well. Some of the possible tips can be as follows:

  1. You must keep your battery terminals dry at all times.
  2. Since corrosion is not battery terminal-friendly, avoid a build up using a baking soda and water solution with which you should clean the tray when needed. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush can come in handy here!
  3. After you return from a cold-weather drive, or if you haven’t gotten out because of the bad weather, store your battery where the coldness doesn’t touch it. A slightly warm room that is dry and has less moisture is a good storage area.
  4. Be sure to check the solution levels in the battery.
  5. Never overcharger your Ford batteries.

Buying Guide On The Best Battery For Ford F150

For successful battery performance in the F150, getting one that meets the features below will always be a wiser choice:

Battery Properties

When you are selecting batteries, you have to think of several factors. These factors are determined on the basis of the mechanism and characteristics of the engine. This is why you should consider the properties of the battery when purchasing one.

Getting incompatible pieces will either not work right from the start of installation or cause the engine to suffer when you least want it to.

Cold Cranking Amps

An important metric of battery characteristics that is suitable for cold weather is the CCA or Cold Cranking Amps.  CCA is an apt measure of how many amperes your potential battery can discharge when the per-cell voltage is 1.2V, in 30 seconds.

The higher the CCA rating, the better it is for your 150. That is because you get smoother starts in the unbearable winter mornings.

Amperage Ratings

In an hour, the energy that flows over the current in amperes is called amperage hour or amperes per hour. If you want to use your battery efficiently and successfully, then you must know the amperes per hour measure or the Ah. The perfect range for the F150 should be between 60-70 Ah.

Reserve Capacity

The RC or the reserve capacity is a major indicator of how well the battery is going to perform. So the higher the reserve capacity, the better it is for your battery’s performance. But what does reserve capacity measure?

It measures the time in minutes during which a completely charged battery discharges 25 amps of current before it is reduced to 10.5V.


What is considered to be the best battery for Ford F150?

The best battery for Ford150 depends on what do you want from the battery. For harsh weather, the Optima Batteries 8025-160 25 RedTop Battery is better. Again, when it comes to high-performance batteries for all-weather, the Optima Batteries OPT8014-045 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop is a better pick.

How many cold cranking amps should there be?

There should be a minimum of 1 CCA per inch cube of the engine displacement. And for diesel, it should be a minimum of 2 CCA. If you live in colder places, you need a higher CCA.

How long is the life of a Ford F150 battery?

If this is a 2019 model that you own, then the battery life should be between 3 to 5 years

depending on what the weather conditions are, what the battery size is, what type of battery you bought, and your driving habits.

Are 300 amps enough to start my car?

Yes, 300 amps are enough if you want to start your car. But for trucks, above 700 CCA is a good measure to aim for.

What will happen if my battery gets wet?

If the battery is tightly sealed, there will not be an issue even if it gets wet.

Final thoughts

As you saw, the best battery for Ford is undoubtedly the Optima Batteries OPT8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop for its dual nature as both a Lead-Acid and AGM battery. Add to this the strong and durable polypropylene, spill-proof case, 15 times better vibration resistance, and reliable performance.

You could also check out the Kinetik HC600 BLU Series Battery which has a higher CCA and happens to be more lightweight if that’s what you need.

All in all, with these batteries in hand, your task is not complete. A secure installation with the right environment in mind and proper maintenance will keep your beast of the F150 alive and driving. So get the right configurations ready before Optima or Kinetik tempts you.

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