Best Battery for Mazda 3: Top 10 Recommendations & Buying Guide

Mazda 3 cars are famous for their irresistible top performance package, aesthetic design, brilliant fuel economy, and reasonable pricing. If you are a Mazda 3 owner, we don’t need to tell you how exuberant one feels while driving these sedans. To ensure your Mazda 3 remains in the best shape, you have to use the best battery for Mazda 3.

No car batteries last forever, and Mazda 3 car batteries are not an exception in that regard. When your car starts exhibiting telltale signs of an under-performing battery, you will have to think about getting a replacement. In this article, we will try to break down what you need to do to find a new battery that would be as good or even better than the previous one.

As always, we will sort out 10 items to save you the trouble of conducting hours of research. On top of that, we will give you a buying guide detailing the necessary considerations. Therefore, you can know what you are doing while shopping for a Mazda 3 car battery. If it tics all the right boxes, go for it!

Pinpointing a specific model as the best would be tricky here since there’s no guarantee that any of these batteries would fit any Mazda 3 engines. Nonetheless, the XS Power D5100r is my ultimate pick for its decent CCA and reserve capacity ratings. More importantly, it charges very fast because of its low resistance. On top of that, the price is reasonable.

Let’s get started with the reviews!

Top 10 Best Battery for Mazda 3 Reviews

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1. Optima RedTop 8020-164 35

The Optima RedTop 8020-164 35 comes with a host of functionalities that promises to escalate your car’s performance to a whole new level. It deserves a shout-out whether you are searching for the best battery for 2008 Mazda 3 or the best battery for 2012 Mazda 3. This is a powerful battery that can rejuvenate older Mazda 3 models as well as newer ones.

Boasting a CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) rating of 720, Optima RedTop 8020-164 35 offers a strong dose of energy to your engine. Susceptibility to vibration compromises battery performance. You can expect this battery to hold up to vibrations 15 times better than conventional size 35 batteries.


  • SpiralCell Technology: The SpiralCell Technology in Optima batteries utilizes a pair of lead oxide-covered lead plates to build better temperature and humidity resistance than other batteries.
  • Polypropylene Casing: A polypropylene casing keeps the battery safe from harsh weather and other adversities and prevents leakage. It plays a vital role in extending the longevity of the battery.
  • High Vibration Resistance: Engine vibration makes it difficult for the battery to function optimally. Optima addresses this issue by incorporating high resistance against vibration, which offers 15 times more protection than ordinary batteries.


  • High protection against vibration.
  • Heavy-duty casing.
  • Leakage proof.
  • Optimal operation in challenging weather.


  • Doesn’t fit many latest Mazda 3 models.

2. Delphi BU9035

Want to buy the best car battery for Mazda 3 but can’t afford premium options? The Delphi BU9035 is the ultimate budget pick for Mazda 3 cars. The low price tag might lead you to think that it is not up-to-par with other batteries we will discuss here. Thankfully, you won’t be making much of a sacrifice in terms of quality and performance.

High CCA count and reserve capacity is the highlight of this unit. Modern cars have more features that require higher battery consumption. This battery can deliver the right amount of power to make your power windows, stereo, and headlights function seamlessly over a substantial period.


  • High CCA Count: Delphi BU9035 has ample CCA (680) to power automobile electronics for a long time. Newer cars come with newer electronic features. For this reason, this battery can be a perfect fit for recent Mazda 3 models.
  • High Corrosion Resistance: Preventing rust is mandatory to preserve the functionality of a battery. This battery achieves that feat through a combination of the sealed casing and numerous venting ports.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology: Instead of a conventional flooded system, Delphi BU9035 has a unique Absorbed Glass Mat Technology system. Therefore, it facilitates the battery to recharge faster. Furthermore, it boosts the life cycle of the battery.


  • High vibration resistance.
  • Leakproof.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • High protection against corrosion.


  • Some users complained about the durability issue.

3. North Star NSB-AGM 35

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Next on our list is the North Star NSB-AGM 35, which ships with a ‘’Made in the USA’’ label. The cranking amps level reaches as much as 1400 amperes. However, that lasts only five seconds, and it eventually seeps away to a constant CA output of 880. As a result, your Mazda 3 engine will spark to life instantaneously.

What makes North Star NSB-AGM 35 worthy of the best battery for 2015 Mazda 3 crown is its impeccable cycling life. At the half depth of discharge, the battery can yield more than 900 cycling actions. Thus, it is one of the most heavy-duty AGM batteries in the market, with excellent service life.


  • High Cycling Life: This battery is capable of cycling past the 900 mark at 50% depth of discharge. Hence, it makes the engine start faster and recharges faster than other batteries.
  • Pure Lead AGM Technology: Pure Lead AGM Technology guarantees a high crank amp generation. In addition, it sees to it that the battery attains a splendid level of reserve capacity.
  • Advanced AGM Construction: Its avant-garde AGM design takes away the hassle of maintenance. That means you won’t have to keep tabs on the water level or clean battery terminals from time to time.


  • No maintenance required.
  • Strong thrust to start the engine.
  • Durable ABS plastic housing.
  • Fast recharge.


  • Some Mazda 3 engines might not be compatible with it.

4. XS Power D5100R 

XS Power batteries are commonly seen underneath race car bonnets. The brand’s excellent line of batteries has made it a trustworthy name among racers. Fortunately, they make batteries for streetcars as well. Take the XS Power D5100R, for example. It is a battery that fits a wide range of Mazda 3 cars.

Anyone on the hunt for the best battery for 2013 Mazda 3 should have a look at this product. Because of its minimal internal resistance, it can produce profound levels of discharge current and shrink the charging period to a minimum. Its ABS plastic casing is as rugged as they come. Therefore, it can nullify high levels of vibration.


  • Low Internal Resistance: The XS Power D5100R minimizes its internal resistance so that it can push the discharge current to higher levels. It also helps the battery to reduce its charging time.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology: The Absorbed Glass Mat Technology keeps the electrolyte contained in fiberglass. In doing so, it improves the cycling performance of the battery. Also, it smoothens the charging process.
  • ABS Plastic Casing: The ABS plastic casing insulates the battery from undesired engine vibrations. This particular design attribute comes in handy when the engine operates at high RPM.


  • Superior protection from engine vibration.
  • Averts light dimming and voltage loss phenomena.
  • Mountable at all positions.
  • Fast charging.


  • You have to purchase battery terminals separately.

5. Diehard 38275 Advanced Gold

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Diehard has engineered its Advanced Gold batteries to cope with the increased power demands of modern vehicles. The Diehard 38275 is the best Mazda 3 fit the company has to offer. In comparison to run-of-the-mill lead-acid batteries, the manufacturer promises 20 times more vibration resistance and double the life cycle.

This is a size 35 battery that maintains a CCA output of 650 amps. On top of it, it has a reserve capacity that stretches to a hundred minutes. The advanced electrolyte suspension system of the Diehard 38275 keeps the electrolyte safely tucked away from the battery components. Optimized full-frame plates of opposite polarity neutralize short-circuit risks.


  • Heat-Sealed Construction: The heat-sealed and tamper-proof build of the battery helps it remain unaffected by temperature changes. Therefore, the battery stays in ideal shape for an extended period.
  • Effective Electrolyte Suspension System: Electrolyte facilitates the production of electricity in a battery. However, it can compromise the entire unit if it comes in contact with sensitive parts of the battery. This battery successfully isolates the electrolyte.
  • Optimized Plates To Offset Short Circuit: The Diehard 38275 Advanced Gold battery comes with optimized full-frame positive and negative panels. Therefore, short-circuit risks are almost non-existent.


  • Functions well in all temperatures.
  • No short-circuit risks.
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Durable.


  • Might not fit some Mazda 3 engines.

6. Odyssey 34R-PC1500T

The Odyssey 34R-PC1500T fits a selection of Mazda 3 engines. You would see this battery come up quite a few times if you search for the best battery for 2016 Mazda 3. The distinctive attribute of this Odyssey model is its high starting power. It also packs impressive reserve capacity and CCA capabilities.

So, where does the Odyssey 34-R-PC1500T source its kick? Many companies choose to use lead alloys to cut the cost. Odyssey didn’t follow that path and went for the pure lead instead. Consequently, this battery can accommodate more plates inside the battery and expand its surface area substantially.


  • High CCA: The Odyssey 34R-PC1500T has a CCA rating of 850. This means you can expect this battery to power your engine in cold weather for years to come. Hence, it can be excellent insurance for winter driving.
  • Pure Lead Plates: Odyssey takes in plates made of 100% lead, whereas most batteries settle for lead alloy counterparts for minimizing cost. So, you can house more plates inside this battery than other batteries and boost power production.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology: Utilizing the Absorbed Glass Mat technology, the Odyssey 34R-PC1500T bars the electrolyte from entering the sensitive region of the battery.


  • High CCA and reserve capacity.
  • 3 to 10 years lifespan.
  • More plate surface area.
  • 1400 pulse starting amp.


  • Can be a bit expensive.

7. Optima YellowTop 8040-218

The first entry to our best battery for Mazda 3 list was an Optima battery. At number seven, we have another one from the company. Both batteries belong to the size 35 category. So, you might feel inclined to ask: Is the color change the only difference between the two batteries? Nope, it’s not that simple.

The Optima YellowTop 8040-218 has a lower cold cranking amp (620) than its RedTop twin (720). So, it won’t give the engine as much thrust upon ignition as the RedTop one would. However, it has a superior reserve capacity (98 mins, the RedTop model has 90 mins). For this reason, it would be a better pick for vehicles with more electronics.


  • Spiral Cell Technology: Optima used Spiral Cell Technology to incorporate two lead plates coated with lead oxide. In doing so, these batteries became more resilient against heat and humidity.
  • Polypropylene Casing: The polypropylene casing is rugged enough to keep the battery safe from external shocks. It plays a vital role in keeping the battery operational in extreme weather conditions.
  • High Vibration Resistance: As the engine hits higher rpm marks, the engine generates more vibrations which could damage the battery in the long run. Thanks to Optima’s thoughtful design, you will get superior vibration protection.


  • No maintenance.
  • Defies high engine vibration.
  • Suitable for modern Mazda 3 models.
  • Mountable at all positions.


  • Might not fit many older Mazda 3 models.

8. Deka Intimidator

Deka Intimidator finds the perfect blend of absorbance and resistance qualities that makes an automotive battery perfect. As a result, it holds to its promise of lengthy service life, and throughout its lifespan, it retains its exquisite performance levels. Exploiting its negligible internal resistance, the battery can establish a power supply to the engine immediately.

An instant power supply is a prerequisite for start-stop mechanisms. Also, the resistance of the battery enables it to charge faster. Micro-porous glass walls separate the electrolyte from other areas of the battery. Thereby, leakage and battery port damage risks plunge to near-zero levels. The Deka Intimidator has been engineered to thrive in challenging weather conditions.


  • Special Glass Mat Design: The special glass mat design of the Deka Intimidator keeps it safe from acid spillage. Micro-porous glass walls with high absorbance properties allow for this.
  • Low Internal Resistance: The battery exploits its low internal resistance to facilitate instant power supply. Furthermore, it speeds up the charging process and gets it fully ready for action in no time!
  • Heavy-Duty Build: Worried about weather extremities? Deka engineers have thrown in reinforced terminals, welded casing, and an anti-vibration glass mat to combat the harshness of hostile weather.


  • Heavy-duty build.
  • Fast charging.
  • Quick power supply.
  • High vibration resistance.


  • Substandard amp-hour offering.

9. Arc-Angel LiFePO4 Battery

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The penultimate entry to our list is definitely the odd one of the bunch. Introducing the Arc-Angel LiFePO4 battery, which is not an AGM battery or a lead battery like the ones we have reviewed so far. LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) batteries come with some with their individual set of benefits.

This item flaunts a 900CCA rating higher than any other batteries we have discussed in this piece. LiFePO4 batteries trump their AGM and lead-acid counterparts in terms of lifespan. This model, in particular, will be of service for no less than 10 years. Also, it comes with a robust build to withstand terrain and weather woes.


  • LiFePO4 Battery: This Arc-Angel battery is structurally a LiFePO4 battery. These batteries are superior to AGM and lead-acid ones in terms of durability and performance.
  • High CCA: This battery can sustain a CCA output of more than 900 amps. Therefore, installing this battery in your car would make its engine almost invincible to cold weather.
  • Long Lifespan: As we have said earlier, LiFePO4 batteries outlast conventional forms of car batteries. This Arc-Angel LiFePO4 ships with an unbelievable 10-year warranty. Chances are, you would be using this battery well beyond the 10-year mark.


  • Heavy-duty.
  • High CCA.
  • Lengthy service period and warranty.
  • No maintenance.


  • The price tag can be a bit too high for some.

10. Exide Edge FP-AGM35

Our final recommendation is the Exide Edge FP-AGM35. It made its way into our consideration because of its sturdy build and no-maintenance AGM design. Exide’s proprietory, SureLife Graphite Technology, escalates the energy capabilities of this unit so that it can rival the best AGM batteries in the market.

Its CCA rating (650) is not the best you would find in this price range, but it compensates for it with its 110 minutes reserve capacity. It can meet the high electrical demands of modern cars with extra electronic features. The suspension system of the battery is also excellent as it stops the electrolyte from getting into the components.


  • SureLife Graphite Technology: Thanks to Exide’s very own SureLife Graphite Technology, this battery can yield a high energy output over a prolonged period. It uses a special graphite supplement to achieve this feat.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology: Exide makes the best use of Absorbed Glass Mat technology to stop the electrolysis from getting into the vulnerable parts of the battery and maintain its serviceability.
  • High Reserve Capacity: With a reserve capacity of 110 minutes, this battery can support electronic functions like car radio, music player, etc., for extended periods. Therefore, it is perfect for car users who have a higher energy demand.


  • High reserve capacity.
  • Durable.
  • Anti-leak design.
  • No maintenance.


  • Poor CCA limit.

How To Choose The Best Battery For Mazda 3?

Which factors determine the effectiveness of a Mazda 3 battery? We have already hand-picked 10 items for you. But, if you need to decide on your own, you would have to know what particular aspects you should contemplate for making the perfect decision.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

Battery Group Size

Not all car engines are the same in size, so car batteries also differ in that regard. A battery intended for a particular engine size won’t fit in a different one. Even if it does, the fit won’t be satisfactory. So, getting the size right is car battery shopping 101. Mazda 3 engines use category 35 batteries, so make sure you are buying a size 35 battery.

Cold Cranking Amps

Cold Cranking Amps, or CCA, won’t come into play unless the weather turns freezing cold. It represents the magnitude of discharge load a battery can provide for half a minute in 0 degree Fahrenheit temperature while sustaining a minimum terminal voltage of 1.2 volts. In simpler words, higher CCA ratings imply better engine performance in winter.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity, also known as reserve minutes, is the amount of time a battery can maintain a load of 25 amperes before draining out of charge. The reserve capacity of a battery indicates the battery’s capacity to power a car’s electronic amenities. Therefore, a higher reserve capacity is desirable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will buying a non-OEM battery replacement harm my Mazda 3 engine?

No, you can buy any battery that fits the OEM specs. Mazda batteries are 12-volt ones that can provide a continuous power supply of 3 amperes over 20 hours. In terms of size, Mazda 3 batteries are classified as category 35 batteries. Any battery that fits these descriptions should be okay for Mazda 3 vehicle.

Q. Will a bigger battery impact my Mazda 3’s performance?

Even though Mazda 3 engines originally use size 35 engines, getting a slightly bigger engine size won’t hurt. On the contrary, it could prolong the lifespan of your alternator. A bigger battery would act as a cushion between the engine and the alternator. It would also minimize the workload of the alternator.

Final Say

A faulty battery is a common culprit for car accidents. If you notice your Mazda 3 engine acting up lately, check it and see whether or not you need a new battery. If you do need a battery replacement, make sure you buy the best battery for Mazda 3 to enjoy a seamless driving experience.

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