Best Header Paint Reviews In 2021- Experts Choices & Buying Guidelines

Best Header Paint Reviews

If you have a car or motorcycle then you know how important it is to find the best header paint. Header paint is really important to get your vehicle engine’s maximum horsepower.

Fire exhaust systems high temperature and gases first go through the engine’s header. Engine header and exhaust manifold can often get rusted away and lose their performance due to overheating and discoloration. To prevent these types of problems, you would need a header paint that suits your engine’s temperature and will protect it from all the harmful ingredients in your engine.

We are here to show you the top header paints we have found out for your vehicles. These paints can convince the requirements at a good value for money.

Top 11 Best Header Paint- Review

Here are the top 11 best header paint reviews –

#1 Design Engineering 010301 High-Temperature Spray

The first choice of our best header paint list would be to design engineering 010301 silicone coating spray. This black coating spray is also known as one of the best high temp header paints for its incredible heat resistance. You can use design engineering silicone coating spray on any surface with its heat resistance of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are looking for good quality paint to prolong your exhaust wrap then design engineering paint can be your ideal choice. This silicone spray paint protects, penetrates, and seals the color in the best possible form. Thus, it will increase the lifespan of your exhaust wrap and protect for years.

The compatibility of design engineering spray paint makes it a great deal for the money. This paint equally works headers, pipes and other coating required applicants without any problem. You can also paint this spray on engine blocks which makes it even more convenient. However, this spray paint is recommended to not use with die titanium exhaust wraps as it is not compatible with titanium.

Apart from heat resistance, this paint is also protected from many other color rusting ingredients. It is fully protected from hot oil spills and road grime which makes it reliable for use in car parts. It is also protected from all types of abrasions and solvents. This paint is also usable for marine engines.


  • Incredible heat resistance of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Compatible with exhaust wraps, headers, engine blocks, and firewalls.
  • Resistant from abrasion, hot oil spill, and road grime.
  • Ensures long-lasting color protection and sealing for exhaust wraps and pipes.


  • Not compatible with titanium exhaust wraps and insulations.

#2 VHT SP106 FlameProof Coating Paint 

Vht sp106 flameproof coating paint is also a highly reliable paint for headers. This paint is also one of the best ceramic header paint with its flat silver color coating. Its matte finish of ceramic silicone is widely used for automotive parts. You can easily use it by spraying on the dry target surface.

The high heat resistance of Vht sp106 flameproof paint makes it the best header paint at this price. This model can withstand 2000 degrees Fahrenheit on any surface if you apply the paint properly. This makes it usable for parts that have to withstand extremely high temperatures such as exhaust systems and headers.

You can get the best of Vht sp106 paints’ long-lastingness by using it with primer color paint. If you use a clear coating process then it will protect the painted parts for years. Such reliability is appreciable since this paint is used for many jet engines, car parts, re-entry vehicles, and marine engine parts.

Correct curing is needed for Vht paints proper usability. You can run your car’s engine idle for 10 minutes and directly apply the paint and dry for 20 minutes. You would need to heat the paint to 250/400/650 degrees for 30 minutes before applying off the engine. Make sure to not exceed the heat tolerance to ensure accurate color and long-lastingness.


  • Highly durable flameproof coating for all types of surfaces.
  • Widely used matte finish ceramic silicone paint aerosol.
  • Heat resistant for up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Paint doesn’t flake or change color.
  • Lasts for years if properly applied.


  • The silver color gets slightly yellowed if the parts are not cleaned properly.

#3 POR-15 44116 Black High-Temperature Paint

Premium quality black paint of POR-15 can be your top choice for its astonishing resistance. This high-temperature resistance paint can withstand extreme peeling, cracking, and chipping. You can use it for your header or exhaust wrap without any concern about rusting or paint scratches. No matter how heavily pressure you put on the painted surface, or-15 black paint can withstand almost all of them.

POR-15 high-temperature black paint has a high heat resistance of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat resistance is more than enough for car engine parts, jet engines, and marine engine parts. There is no chance of the color rusting away with POR-15 paint heat resistance. You can also use this paint for manifolds and stacks.

Salt and moisture resistance of POR-15 high-temperature paint makes it even more reliable for long-term use. This means that you can use any type of solvent on this paint without any concern of rusting away. It also ensures weather resistance to endure any weather conditions without damaging your header’s paint surface.

As POR-15 is a liquid color, you can easily apply this color with simple steps and clean it up when needed. You have to clean up the surface before applying the paint and raise the temperature to 300°F. Liquid paint will maintain very rich color quality and prevent discoloring for years.


  • Rich black liquid color prevents from discoloring for a long time.
  • Resistant from cracking, chipping, and peeling.
  • Can easily endure any weather conditions along with salt and moisture solvents.
  • Heat resistance of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Usable on all domestic and foreign car parts.


  • The paint mass can get dried.

#4 Forrest Paint 1990 Stove Bright Paint

Forrest paint 1990 stove bright paint is also one of the best motorcycle header paints you can easily get. This stove paint can be used for multiple purposes along with gas stoves. You can paint this satin black color on high heating parts to make them look like new by hiding scratches, dents.

As forest paint is a gas stove paint, it can endure high temperatures pretty easily. The manufacturers haven’t accurately informed about its temperature resistance but it surely withstands more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit astonishing temperature. You can use Forrest paint on your vehicle headers for long-lasting reliability.

Stove paints are cured by the heat that is generated on the surface. Forrest paint 1990’s satin color would be ideal for heating parts as its color is similar to heating objects stains. The premium satin black color would look really good on any wooden or metal parts. Your car engine parts, header, pipes, exhaust wraps, etc would look incredible with this paint. Forrest paint would also prevent your vehicle headers from heavy scratches no for more than a year.

Instead of the chemical bond, Forrest’s paint creates a mechanical bond with the surface. This means that your painting will not get rusted away for a long time. The paint color will also not change if you properly clean the surface with necessary solvents before painting.


  • Highly durable heat resistant stove paint.
  • Perfect color match(satin black) for high heating parts.
  • Resistant to all solvents and weather.
  • Easy to paint and dries fast.
  • Scratch and stain-resistant.


  • This spray paints nozzle often malfunctions.

#5 Eastwood Durable Resistant Matte Pint

Eastwood durable-resistant matte paint is another best high heat exhaust header paint at a very good value. This silver paint coating can be used as both spray and brush painting. Matte silver color of this paint looks quite premium. You can use this paint for customizing new parts and also renovate old manifolds and engine parts. Besides, Eastwood aerosol paint is highly resistant to heat.

As Eastwood paint can withstand up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can paint it on high heating vehicle and jet engine parts. You have to remove all the rust and properly brush or spray the coating and your vehicle’s underhood parts will look like new for a long time.

You can comfortably paint up to 2 manifolds with one can of Eastwood paint. However, it is recommended to use 2 cans of this paint for painting the header. Eastwood durable paint would apply a plastic diffusing layer on your header that would last for years.

What amuses me the most is that this paint is also resistant to corrosion and grime. This means that the matte silver finish won’t even get discolored at all. Eastwood silver coating paint can also protect your header from UV rays. You can rely on this paint for painting a high temp coating on your vehicle.


  • Premium quality matte silver color.
  • Heat resistance of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Easy to use with both spraying and brushing options.
  • Ensures long-lasting heat & color protection with UV, corrosion, and grime resistance.
  • Usable for customizing or renovating all types of new & old high heating surfaces.


  • This coating can be harmful to skin and breathing.

#6 Forrest Paint High-Temperature Bright Stove and Fireplace Paint

Another stove paint from Forrest paint which is also one of the best header fonts paint till now. This high-temperature stove paint can also endure enough heat and pressure for your vehicle’s header. It comes in various color options that you can individually choose from. This paint is really easy to apply and use. You can depend on forest paint brands’ reliability for long-lasting paint on your header.

Forrest paint formulates their paint with a unique blend of pigments with a silicone polymer. These pigments and silicone polymers ensure color retention and high heat resistance. It has a high heat resistance of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit which is enough for a header or exhaust wrap. This means your vehicle’s heating parts won’t get discolored no matter how high heat they are facing.

This model of Forrest paint high-temperature stove paint comes in a wide range of colors. You can choose from 36 different colors to match the color of your header. We have chosen the satin black color as most of the headers and exhaust wraps match this color brilliantly. This paint has a really good thickness even though none of these colors are textured.

If you want long-lasting scratch-resistant paint then Forrest paint is undoubtedly one of the best deals on the market. You can easily apply this paint to your car header and get a smooth finish with the fast-drying formula.


  • 1200°F heat resistance.
  • Scratch-resistant and long-lasting  color retention.
  • Variety of color options to choose your favorite color.
  • Easy to apply nontextured and fast-drying aerosol paint.


  • Poor quality spray nozzle.

#7 Eastwood Resistant Factory Gray Coating Aerosol

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The gray coating model of Eastwood high temp-resistant aerosol is a good choice for exhaust headers and other high-heating objects. It is also known as the best white silver header paint for its unique gray coating. Just like other Eastwood models, this paint also comes with both brush and spray application options. You can customize exhaust manifolds and headers very comfortably with this high temp coating.

Eastwood gray coating aerosol creates a baked durable finish on the surface which can withstand up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses a unique formula to use your exhaust gases for curing which also works fluently. There is no better paint than Eastwood’s gray aerosol to replicate the old look of iron on manifolds.

As this paint is available on both pints and aerosols, you can easily choose from brushing and spraying for accurate customization. You will get a smooth finish with your desired paint application that will ensure long-lasting color retention and durability. Both cans can easily paint 2 manifolds efficiently which means you would need 2 cans for the header system.

Properties and aluminum flakes used in this paint are quite powerful and resistant. This paint can easily resist salt, UV, and grime which ensures furthermore durability.  Corrosion won’t be any concern either as Eastwood paints are also resistant to corrosion. If you keep the engine clean before applying this paint, then it will work amusingly.


  • Ensures high heat resistance of 1400°F.
  • Comes in both brush and spray application options.
  • Resistant to scratches and corrosion.
  • Gray cast iron color with no rust looks great.
  • Long-lasting color retention and durability.


  • Eastwood header paint is too pricey.

#8 Rust-Oleum 249340 Automotive High Heat Primer Spray Paint

Rust-oleum 248340 primer spray is one of the best no-bake header paints you can use on your header. This paint comes in a gray color that can be applied on any surface within an hour. This paint uses some enormous formulas to ensure rust resistance. You can easily apply this paint on exhaust wraps or headers with any-angle spray paint technology.

No matter how high a heating object you want to paint, Rust-oleum’s high heat primer can still match your requirements. Its 2000 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance is much more satisfying than any other header paint at this price. You can use this paint on mufflers, header pipes and engine blocks with long-term reliability ensured.

High heat primer paint of rust-oleum is mainly designed for applying on metal and automotive parts. You can cover up at least 12 square feet with one can of this paint which means that you can easily paint 2 manifolds. Rust-oleum paint dries within 30 minutes and can be top-coated within 1 hour. The any-angle spray nozzle lets you paint even more comfortably at any surface you want.

As it is oil-based paint, it can provide rust resistance for your vehicle’s painted part. A rust-resistant top-coated paint would make you even more satisfied than any other normal heat resisting paint.


  • Outstanding heat resistance of up to 2000°F.
  • Easy to spray and paint anywhere with any-angle spray technology.
  • Flat paint finish ensured powerful adhesion.
  • Oil-based paint ensures long-lasting rust resistance for vehicles parts.
  • Good value for money.


  • Not resistant to grime.

#9 Thermo-Tec 12003 Copper High Heat Wrap Coating

Thermo-tec copper high heat wrap coating is one of the most excellent wraps for hi-heat coating. This cooper high heat paint works on all metal and aluminum surfaces along with copper. Thermo-tec uses a very good quality adhesion and color for long-lasting color retention. You would admire its enormously high heat resistance and protection from other resins.

Your exhaust wrap’s life would be extended to the maximum limit with thermo-tec copper coating. It seals all the paint pores and protects from friction which ensures paint durability for years. Sealing the pores also prevents from penetration of harmful liquids. This means that thermo-tec header paint would be resistant to any weather conditions.

2000 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance of thermo-tec copper paint makes it the best header heat paint. This heat resistance is enough for resisting jet engine, marine engine, and car engine heat without damaging exhaust wrap or headers surface. The color won’t peel off so easily due to its high resistance. You can also be assured of this color’s long-lastingness without getting discolored.

A high heat wrap coating of thermo-tec paint would protect the surface from harmful liquids. This paint coating is resistant to grime and other harmful liquids which can damage your header’s surface. Extra resins and binders used in the paint make the surface even tougher. Thermo-tec’s coating will also prevent the wrap from abrasion.


  • Protective coating for preventing abrasion and discoloring.
  • Sealed pores ensure grime resistance and protect from other harmful liquids.
  • 2000°F incredibly high heat resistance.
  • Can be applied directly on metal surfaces.
  • The adhesive on all metal, aluminum, and copper surfaces.


  • Poor quality nozzle spray.

#10 PJ1 16-SAT-2PK Satin Black Engine Spray Paint, 22 oz, 2 Pack

PJ1 16-2pk satin black spray paint is a good headed paint for its price. If you feel high heat resistance to be unnecessary for your motorcycle’s engine then you can go for PJ1 spray paint. This paint was specially made for painting all 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines, engine cases, cylinders, and headers. You can get this convenient paint for your motorcycle at a very cheap cost.

This satin black spray paint is resistant to scratches. So, your motorcycle’s engine and engine case would look as fresh new with this paint. As it also resists chipping, there is no concern of dust making your engine look dirty. Any dirt and mud on the painted surface can be washed off easily with soap water.

You can apply this paint to your bike’s engine parts in a very simple process. You will get a smooth factory-like durable finish by just spraying the paint. As most of you won’t paint the whole engine, you can easily paint the header part or exhaust wrap with just one or two cans.

500 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance is enough for motorcycle engines. You can paint it on any part of your motorcycle’s engine, header, and exhaust wraps. You can cure it with normal heat operation which is even more satisfying. However, PJ1 spray paint is also resistant to solvents which makes it even more reliable.


  • Resistant to up to 500°f temperature.
  • Can be easily applied with a simple process.
  • Solvent resistance ensures long lastingness and durability.
  • Resistant to chipping and scratches for long term use.
  • Usable on all 2-stroke & 4 -stroke motorcycle engines and engine cases.


  • This paint takes too long to dry.

#11 VERY HIGH-TEMPERATURE VHT Flameproof Ceramic Coating Spray

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VHT flameproof ceramic coating black spray is a well-qualified high heat-resisting paint. The ceramic coating of this paint has a very high resistance and durability. Anyone would definitely like this paint matte finish. Your engine case, exhaust wrap, automotive headers, and manifolds would look brand new for years if you use VHT ceramic coating with them.

Flameproof ceramic coating of VHT paint can withstand 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is great for using on headers, exhausts, engine blocks, and cases. You can paint on wherever extreme coating is needed. Aerospace industry jet engines, marine engines, and vehicle engines have been using VHT paint for a long time as it has reliable heat resistance.

Primer, paint, and clear coat finish of VHT ceramic coating paint ensures top performance. Its multiple protection layers ensure resistance from all harmful liquids and solvents that can damage your engine’s surface. This means that you can use this paint for years without any concern of discoloration and rusting away.

The Premium ceramic coating black finish of this paint looks charming. The only problem with VHT ceramic paint is its price. There are lots of our enlisted header paints with similar features at lower prices which was the reason for listing this paint on the bottom. If you cure the surface properly then VHT ceramic paint would last longer than any other header paint on the market.


  • 2000° Fahrenheit high heat-resisting capacity.
  • The smooth ceramic coating finish.
  • Ultimate protection for long-lasting adhesion and color retention.
  • Usable for all re-entry vehicles and aerospace jet engine parts.


  • This paint is too pricey.

Choosing The Best Header Paint – Buying Guide

Here are some major facts that you should consider before buying header paint for your vehicle’s engine. But before those facts, you should also know what is header paint  and why you should use it:

Header Paint

Header paint is used to cover the rusting engine parts such as exhaust wraps, headers, engine blocks, and cases. These parts endure heavy heat so they easily get discolored and rusted. Header paints are highly heat resistant and durable for long-term use. These pants are not so much affected by heat or other harmful solvents.

Header Paint Quality

A good quality header paint comes with all the necessary features and resistance to lots of extras. If you are using good quality header paint, you won’t have to worry about the weather, solvents, salt, engine heating, etc. However, the paint should look good from the outside as well. You should select flat finishing paints as they look better on engine parts and headers.

Don’t forget to check the painted ingredients and ensure your skin and breathing safety. Some paints are extremely harmful to skin and breathing.


Header paint can peel off if it does not have proper adhesion. You should go for paints that have strong adhesion to the surface you are about to paint. Some paints are adhesive to aluminum while others might be adhesive to metals which should not be outlooked. If the header paint doesn’t peel off early, then you can surely rely on it for long-term use.


Chipping is one of the most common problems everyone faces with paint. It would leave you frustrated to see your hard work getting chipped off. Sadly, some good-quality header paints also come with chipping problems. We have analyzed all the user reviews and paint quality to make sure that these paints do not come with chipping problems.

Make sure to check user reviews to know about the header paint chipping issues. You can also check the print quality & layer thickness to prevent this problem. However, you can also face chipping problems if you do not clean the rust properly before applying the paint.

Ease Of Application

You definitely wouldn’t like to paint something that is very hard. But we all know that painting is a hard task for almost all people. There will be painting mess everywhere around the painting surface if you don’t have the proper experience. However, you can easily paint if you are using spray paint.

Nowadays, there are lots of spray paints available in the market. You have to choose that spray paint that has a good nozzle so that you can easily apply it to the target surface. There are a lot of spray paints on our list that would help you to paint without any discomfort or inaccuracies.

If you are a professional painter then you surely can apply paint with a brush. Otherwise, it would be a wise decision to avoid brush painting to avoid messing up.

Heat Capacity

Due to the heat of the proximity to the vehicle’s engine, engine blocks and tubes might often reach a high temperature. This temperature up/down is never certain or fixed. When the engine heats, exhaust wrap, engine header, etc parts also get heated. This heating can damage the engine and the engine header and it would cost a lot of money to replace these parts.

An average car engine can get heated to at least 1000°F temperature. So, you must paint the headers with a more heat-resistant coating. You should go for header paints with a heat resistance of at least 1200-1500°F to avoid any damage. If you get header paint with 2000°F then definitely go for it as it would last even much longer than other header paints.

Rust Resistance

Rust resistance doesn’t only define resistance to a single adjective. More rust resistance means that your header paint is resistant to more pristine conditions. Header paint can rust away due to weather conditions, oil spills, salt, gas spills, grime, etc.

If the header paint is resistant to all of these then you can undoubtedly rely on its long activity. There are lots of gases and harmful liquids in the environment that can damage your header paint. You have to know if your paint is resistant to all of them or not.

Price & Efficiency

Different brands’ header paints cost differently. There are many header paints with similar features but the price is completely different.  There is nothing to get shocked about it as none of these brands are cheating with you. Even though the features are the same, both paints do not cover the same sized surface.

One brand’s paint can cover 6 ft of engine parts while the expensive one might cover 12 ft without any concern. You have to compare and find out which header paint has better efficiency at the best value and go for it.

Benefits Of Choosing The Best Header Paint 

You have seen our top header paints list and the major facts to consider while buying one. Now it is time to know why you should only choose the best paint for the header. Here are the benefits you will get from a good header paint-

New Outlook With Protection

Choosing the best paint for your engine header or exhaust manifold would give it a charming & new look. This type of paint comes in various colors which are specially made for matching engine component colors. As header paints are protective from harmful solvents and gases,  your engine parts will be safe from the daily harmful ingredients it needs to face.


Using the ideal header paint for your header would add more long-lastingness. You would be able to easily use one paint for more years than regular if you are using a good one. This paint won’t peel off so easily and you won’t have to worry about its rust resistance or pressure tolerance.

Improved Heat Tolerance

Normal paints can’t endure high temperatures and will easily get rusted. When using good quality header paint, you will never have to worry about how much heat your engine is generating. Some high heat-resisting header paints can withstand up to 2000° Fahrenheit which is amusing.

Prevents Corrosion

Your engine heat can create corrosion on the header which will damage the whole compound. Using the best heat-resisting header paint will prevent the header from corrosion and other harmful gases at the same time. This means that you won’t have to worry about the engine or header rusting away due to corrosion.

Decreases Discoloration

Would you like it if your favorite color paint fades away over time? Because of high temperature and harmful solvents, paint discoloration often happens if you are using poor-quality header paint. However, you will get fluent and accurate color paint if for the long term if you use the best paint for your engine header. Just make sure to apply the paint properly and enjoy the color paint for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I Use Powder Coat On Headers? 

Ans: Engine headers get heated up to 1200° Fahrenheit which needs more powerful coating than powder coating. Powder coating has a heat resistance of up to 400° Fahrenheit which is so much lower than engine headers temperature. You should use high heat resistant coating paints such as ceramic coating. Powder coating will create a plastic coat that is easily melting off due to engine headers temperature

Q2: How Do I Cure Header Paint?

Ans: Curing header paint after applying should be done slowly. You can start the engine and keep it running at idle for 10-20 minutes. Then you can cool down the engine to restart it for running for an hour and again letting it cool down. This process will bake on the finish of the header paint.

Q3: Do I Need To Use Primer For Header Paint? 

Ans: Most of the high heating paints are made with primer. This means that you won’t have to use any extra primer for your paint. Some header paints include the information that you won’t need to use any primer but most of them don’t do it. But we have checked it out that almost all of the header paint can be used without any primer.

Q4: Which Types Of Paints Are Heat Resistant?

Ans: Heat-resistant paints are made with aluminum particles or ceramic particles for heat-resistant coating. You can use both ceramic coating and silver coating(aluminum) as header paint. Aluminum and ceramic are highly resistant to heat which makes the most reliable paint type for engine header. These paints mostly come in black, silver, white, gray, etc colors.

Q5: How Can I Remove Heat Resistant Paint? 

Ans: Heat-resistant paints are highly durable and long-lasting. You cannot easily remove them without the help of any chemical. There are many types of chemical paint strippers on the market that would help you with this matter. Pour this chemical and rug it with the high heat resistant paint to remove it. Some removal solvents are sold in aerosol cans. These aerosol applications are even easier as they do not require pouring the painted surface with a chemical paint stripper.

Q6: How Long Do I Have To Wait To Recoat Spray Paint On 

Ans: For more durability and long-lastingness, some people apply double coating on their headers. You need to wait 48 hours after applying the first coating to go for the second one. If you do apply the second coating too soon, both coatings will get discolored and the paint will peel off very soon. Applying after 48 hours will separate the coatings and you will also have the option to peel them separately.

Final Words

No matter what type of car/motorcycle you drive, you need to take care of its engine for convenient performance. The header is one of the most important engine components, so you should never neglect its protection. Always use the best header paint for your engine header to protect it from rusting and discoloring for a long time.

We have already informed you everything about header paint along with our top choices in all price segments. Now it is all up to you about which header paint you would choose. Just look for your engine header requirements and go for the best deal within your budget.

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