Best Headlight Sealant Glues For Your Car- Experts Choices

Headlight cracking is one of the most common problems that you have to deal with. You have to deal with this problem by either replacing or changing your vehicle’s headlights. You can fix those broken or cracked headlights by using the best headlight sealant glue.

Top 5 Headlight Sealant types of glue – User Experience

No one wants to visit mechanics for small issues and pay them unnecessarily. You can seal or fix old headlights with good-quality headlight sealant adhesives. These glues and adhesives can be easily applied to reseal and bond glass and plastic pieces. So, we have researched and enlisted the most reliable and adhesive headlight glues at a reasonable price. Here are the top 5 best glue sealants for headlights that we have found:

#1 Permatex 81173 Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant

Permatex 81173 black is a silicone adhesive sealant that can be used on headlights. You can use this sealant to bond, seal, and protect all automotive parts.

If you want to seal/reseal headlight leaks, cracks and protect them for a long time with permatex adhesive. This general-purpose RTV indoor/outdoor sealant can secure glass, metal, plastic, fabric, and many other materials at any condition with its reliable adhesion. Permatex silicone adhesive can also be used for bonding broken glass pieces.

When it comes to resistance, permatex ensures great reliability of endurance with this silicone adhesive. This adhesive is fully water and weatherproof which means that you can use it in any weather conditions. There will be no problem if your car’s headlight frequently comes in contact with sun heat or water. You also won’t have to worry about its adhesiveness in cold weather.

The temperature range of permatex silicone adhesion is -70°F to 450°F  which is impressive. This means that you can easily use it on both freezing and high heating parts of your vehicle and other machinery. Such good temperature resistance is good for car parts as they often heat up a lot.

There is no wonder that permatex silicone adhesive is a great match for electric appliances. You can rely on its strength as it is electrically insulated and vibration-proof. Heavy vibration for a long time won’t affect permatex adhesives’ durability at all. These features make it perfect for car headlights as they are electric appliances that also endure engine vibration.


  • The premium quality adhesive used for metal, plastic, fabric, vinyl, and automotive parts.
  • Usable in any weather conditions due to water and weather resistance.
  • Usable for extremely hot and cold parts for its vast temperature range of -75°F to 450°F.
  • Resistant to vibration and electrical diodes.


  • This glue is hard to squeeze out and apply without spreading.

#2 Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant

Loctite is another highly recommended waterproof sealant for headlights. This is a Multipurpose silicone adhesive that comes with extreme water resistance.

Along with automotive parts, Loctite clear silicone sealant can be used on glass, stainless steel, ABS, ceramic, marble, granite, and many other materials. You can also use this glue to bond rubber and plastic materials. This means that you can use Loctite silicone sealant for sealing vehicle headlights.

As Loctite clear silicone waterproof sealant is 100% silicone, you can rely on how strong adhesion it offers. By providing incredible durability, Loctite glue ensures no cracking, peeling, and shrinking. This means that you can use them for a long time without any concern about resealing your vehicle’s headlights. This glue won’t lose its adhesiveness over time no matter where you apply it and what weather condition it is.

Being waterproof, Loctite glue can be used in any vehicle’s headlights that frequently contact with water. It can easily withstand cold temperature strains as it is resistant to both extremely high and low heating objects between -35°F to 140°F. Even if your car parts heat too much, then there is nothing to worry about as Loctite glue can withstand high temperatures in any condition.

Since Loctite glue comes in 4 colors, you can choose from any color you want. However, its transparent colored glue is the most suitable for invisible adhesion to your vehicle’s headlight. You would hardly be able to locate any glue marks after the glue dries up properly. Air and moisture won’t affect Loctite glues’ adhesiveness at any cost as it uses the original silicone composition.


  • Water-resistant, cold, and high temperature.
  • High-quality adhesion for all automotive parts and many other materials.
  • Prevents cracking, shrinking, and peeling even after long term use.
  • Unnoticeable transparent color glue.


  • Tube of this glue can easily get broken.

#3 Gorilla 8090001, Clear 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

Without creating any mess, you can easily put gorilla silicone sealant on your car’s headlights. This waterproof glue is highly functional and provides long-lasting adhesion.

Gorilla is one of the best sealing glue for headlights and other automotive parts. This strongly adhesive gel can be used on any broken or cracked glass, plastic, wood, automotive, and marine vehicle parts. This gel works very fast on bonding cracked pieces and you can use it very easily. This silicone gel from the gorilla is also waterproof which makes it ideal for headlight sealing.

A special feature of gorilla glue is that it won’t get yellow over time. You can use this transparent glue on anything without any concern of yellowing over time which is perfect for headlights. This durable silicone gel won’t even get shrunk or cracked over time. This means that you can use it on glass and other transparent objects without any hesitation.

Sealing your car’s headlight will become so easy with gorilla silicone sealant caulk. This silicone gel can dry within five minutes while the full process takes up to 24 hours. This means that you won’t have to worry about the glue spilling or spreading anywhere as it dries up shortly. What amuses me the most is that broken objects will also get bonded within 5 minutes with gorilla silicone gel.

Along with water, gorilla silicone ger is also resistant to many other solvents that frequently contact automotive parts. It can also withstand high and low temperatures which means that you can use it one any weather conditions. Gorilla also provides a syringe that would help you dispense the glue on smaller objects.


  • Very strong and adhesive silicone gel at a good value for money.
  • Ensures 100% water resistance along with resistance to other effective solvents.
  • Prevents shrinking, cracking, and yellowing over time
  • Comes with a syringe to easily dispense over small objects.


  • Doesn’t always secure from leaking.

#4 3M Marine Grade Silicone Sealant (08027)

3M marine grade silicone sealant is a premium quality sealant with every necessary facility. This sealant can be used for dashboards, headlights, and electrical hatch.

Using marine 3M marine grade silicone sealant is undoubtedly a great decision. You can use this versatile glue on glass, paint, fiberglass, plastic, wood, and all other materials. Bonding broken or cracked glass is also a very easy task with 3M marine-grade sealant. This means sealing your vehicle’s headlight can also be done conveniently with this glue.

Since 3M marine grade silicone sealant can withstand the harsh marine environment, what more do you want to rely on? This weather-resistant sealant ensures proper adhesion in every weather condition and temperature. It will remain strong enough even after years of applying to the exposed atmosphere which makes it highly reliable for long-term use on your headlights.

This is a non-yellowing sealant which is an appreciable facility. 3M sealant is also resistant to sagging along with solvents that can affect adhesion. It can easily adhere to bare metal, stainless steel, fiberglass, non-oily wood, rubber, and plastic components. Moisture curing formula used in 3M sealant prevents it from losing its adhesiveness because of sir and moisture.

You can apply 3M marine silicone sealant effortlessly as it is really easy to use. 3M requires no mixing or other solvents so you can directly apply this sealant on your headlight and wait for at least 24 hours. This premium quality silicone gel is electricity insulated which means you can use it for electric appliances. All these facilities make it the best sealant for headlights.


  • Versatile usability among lights, dashboard components, electric hatch, glass fiberglass plastic, etc.
  • Resistant from sagging, yellowing, and adhesion effective solvents.
  • Can endure the heavy marine environment.
  • Easy to apply without mixing and cures fast.
  • Invisible transparent colored gel for sharp-looking lights.


  • This marine-grade sealant is a bit pricey.

#5 J-B Weld 8237 PlasticWeld Plastic Repair Epoxy Putty

J-B weld is one of the finest repair glue you can use for any automotive part. This glue works on almost all materials and cures faster than others.

To ensure the highest quality adhesion for your headlight sealing, J-B plastic weld glue comes with 600 psi strength resistance. This means that you can use it without any concern about shrinking or cracking. You can rebuild any plastic or glass components in almost no time with J-B plastic weld glue which makes it ideal for sealing cracked headlights.

Even if you continuously heat J-B weld glue for a long time, it can still resist upto 250°F temperature. It can also resist up to 300°F temperature for a short time which is amusing. This amount of heat resistance is suitable for automotive trims, fiberglass parts, and vinyl sidings. J-B plastic weld glue is also safe for use on parts that frequently contact water.

You can use J-B plastic weld glue on any rigid and semi-flexible components such as PVC, ABS & CPVC. Auto bumpers, trims, plastics, and water tanks can also be bonded or glued with this epoxy putty. This is why we have selected J-B glue for automotive parts as it will never leak water or other solvents due to its unbeatable resistance.

The two-part formula of this glue can be mixed and applied without any instructions and it will set within 25 minutes. The full curing process for broken parts and cracks takes up to 3 hours which is also far less than other glues. You can also shape and mold this glue with your hands to apply them precisely. Once applied, J-B plastic weld glue can be drilled or cut.


  • Highly resistant from water, extreme heat, shrinking & sagging.
  • Can be molded, shaped, and applied with bare hands.
  • Usable on all automotive parts along with plastic and marine components.


  • Does not adhere to nylons

Headlight Sealant Glue – Buying Guide

Here are some compulsory factors that you should look for to get the best headlight sealant glue:


Adhesion is the major factor of every type of glue. If the glue is not adhesive enough then the headlights resealed bond can get broken again within a very short time. Poor quality adhesion would also come out which would cause headlights to go yellow over time.

Strong adhesion will prevent the glue from leaking and cracking no matter how old it is. Using strong adhesive glue for headlights would also prevent them from cracking in the future.


Vehicles frequently contact many types of liquids and moisture that can affect their durability. Thus, headlight glues should be resistant to the following things:

Air & Moisture

Most headlight sealant glues adhesion is affected by air and moisture. This leads to cracking and breaking apart after a few days of applying. However, all of our enlisted headlight sealant glues are resistant to air and moisture.


You have to make sure that your preferred glue can withstand the environmental pressure of where you are going to use it. A good quality glue can easily withstand sun heat, rain, snow, and all other weather conditions. Headlights can also get in contact with mud, dust, etc so, you have to ensure that the headlight sealant glue you are using is resistant to these.


Water-resistance is the most common feature of most glues but all of them have a different resistance limit. Some glues can only endure rainwater and road water which are fine for headlights. However, some marine automotive glues can also be used underwater. These glues can undoubtedly prevent leaking for years. So, if you have a fair budget then you should go for glues with marine grade water resistance.


Car engine vibration can often create cracks on headlight sealant glues. Some automotive glues are resistant to vibration. Vibration resistance is needed for long-lasting durability as headlight sealant glue would have to endure vibration regularly. If your headlights do not vibrate too much then you can decide otherwise.

Heat Endurance

Heat resistance is the most important factor as headlight sealant glues have to endure both extremely high and low temperatures. You have to make sure that the glue you are using can withstand both low temperature and high heat without melting, cracking, or losing its adhesiveness. Headlights have to often go through different and uncomfortable temperatures so you should certainly keep this on your mind.

Ease Of Use

Automotive glues can be hard to use depending on their package. These sealant glues mostly come in tubes that need to be squeezed. Some glues have to be squeezed hard which can cause you to spread too much glue and also lose your precision.

Curing Time

Different types of glues have different curing times. If the glue you are using needs more curing time then it would be risky as you might again spoil them before curing. Make sure that the glue you are using needs less than 24 hours to cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do I Remove Old Headlight Sealant?

Ans: Sealant glues become soft and removable after a long period of use. These soft adhesive layers can be easily removed with a knife, screwdriver, and even finger. Do not try to reseal with old headlight sealants as they do not provide enough adhesion to prevent cracking and breaking.

Q2: Can I Put Ceramic Coating On Headlights?

Ans: Yes, you can use a ceramic coating on your vehicle’s headlights. Ceramic coatings provide very strong adhesion and can be used on any surface and material. You can use it for headlights if you know how to apply the ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a tough process and it costs more than using glue.

Q3: What Is The Advantage Of Sealed Beam Headlight?

Ans: Sealed beam headlights offer better functioning and performance. Sealed beam headlights can be used in tough conditions due to their durability. Being sealed, these lights are cleaner and provide better lighting color. Contaminants that enter the headlight and reduce brightness can not enter sealed lights which means they would reflect brighter.

Q4: What Is An Automotive Glue?

Ans: Automotive glue is a special type of adhesive gel that provides versatile usability. This type of glue can be used on all types of automotive parts such as plastic, PVC, ABS, stainless steel, bare metal, rubber, vinyl, wood, glass, ceramic, and high heating engine components. An automotive glue can be used on all interiors and exteriors of a vehicle.

Q5: Why Do Headlights Keep Breaking?

Ans: After a long period of use, headlights keep breaking which is a common problem that occurs due to short circuits. Old headlights water often leaks and spreads on the housing. When the water leaks into the headlight housing, headlight condensation happens. This happens because water can not mix with electricity. This creates a short circuit and the headlight breaks.


As you have already found out the best headlight sealant glues on our list,  you can reseal your headlights by yourself. Just check out which one seems easy for you to apply and comes within your budget and go for it.

Still, if you feel a bit confused, check out our buying guides, it will definitely help you out. Since there are many types and sizes available for headlight sealant, but you need the exact one which will satisfy you.

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