Best Lowering Springs For Your Car

Lowering the body of a car with lowering springs is one of the most common modifications among car enthusiasts. You can also lower your car’s body with the best lowering springs and give your car an aggressive outlook along with improved stability.

You can improve your car’s stability and steering control by reducing your car’s center of gravity by lowering springs. They will also improve the comfort of your car’s braking and ride quality. However, you have to choose the best and suitable lowering springs for your car to get the most performance output. So, we are about to review some of the most reliable lowering springs for your car.

Best Lowering Springs – Experts Choices

Insert WordPress ContentDifferent cars need different springs as their body types are not always the same. So, we are about to show you suitable lowering springs for the most frequently used cars around the world. All of our top-listed lowering springs are compatible with different cars.

#1 BMR Suspension SP001R F-Body Lowering Spring Kit

The first choice of our list is the BMR SP001R lowering spring kit. This lowering spring is known as one of the best lowering springs for a fox body. You will love BMR’s lowering springs set as it is as progressive as stock but still increases handling comfort.

If you have been doing a bit of research about the best lowering spring for your car, then you would surely find out that the BMR spring kit is the ideal choice for people who want to use their cars for a variety of applications. Unlike other lowering springs, you will not face wheel deflection when you take hard turns.

BMR lowering spring set comes with a fine-tuned linear spring rate. This offers support to keep the body flat and leveled while taking corners. Linear spring rate also ensures your spring set to be soft enough for a comfortable ride along with better handling.

You can easily fit these springs with old v6 engine cars, fox body cars, etc. As BMR springs are made for 1.25 inches drop instead of 1.5 inches drop, it can surely improve the handling of versatile cars. However, these springs are not so comfortable over speed bumps and dip on the road.


  • Street performance lowering spring for using with cars in a variety of application.
  • Best lowering spring in all categories (lowering, ride and comfort).
  • Fine-tuned linear spring rate keeps the body flat and leveled while cornering.
  • Soft and comfortable for riding on any road.


  • Uncomfortable over speed bumps.

#2 Godspeed LS-TS-NN-0001-A Traction-S Performance Lowering Springs

Godspeed is currently one of the best manufacturers of high-quality lowering springs. Their lowering springs include high tensile strength and resistance from sagging. If you are looking for the best lowering springs for 350z, then this model of godspeed springs is the perfect deal for you.

You can lower your Nissan 350z (2003-2009)1.2 inches in front and 1.4 inches in rear with this springs set. Godspeed ensures handling quality and rides comfort along with lowering your car’s body. These springs are designed to work with OEM shocks and even better with after-market high-performance shocks.

This model of traction s performance lowering springs from Godspeed enhances vehicles on-road performance astonishingly. Quick turning, convenient steer response, and cornering are so comfortable with this set of springs. Multi heated wire and cold wounds of this spring prevent the spring from sagging.

Manufacturers of godspeed have engineered these springs with some surprising benefits. Even when you push your springs to the highest limit, these springs will prevent rattling, clunking, and rubbing. The powder coat finish prevents corrosion so, you can easily use them for a long time without your springs rusting away.


  • Lowers 350z cars body by 1.2 inches in front & 1.4 inches in the rear.
  • Works well with both OEM shocks and aftermarket high-performance shocks.
  • Ensures prevention of rattling, rubbing, and clunking.
  • Offers enhanced steer response and cornering comfort.


  • You would need aftermarket shocks for the best performance.

#3 Godspeed LS-TS-SU-0005 Traction-S Performance Lowering Springs

Here is another similar but compatible for different vehicles spring set from godspeed. Godspeed ls-ts-su-005 traction-S performance is one of the best lowering springs for 2015 wrx. Most of the users of this highly popular car love the idea of body lowering modification. This spring set can easily fit all models of Subaru WRX (2015-2021).

Godspeed lowering spring set can lower your WRX car’s body by 1.4 inches on both front and rear sides. No other lowering spring would offer this depth of lowering at such a low cost. Steering response and handling comfort of your car would slightly increase with these springs.

You can make quick turn-in anywhere without a bit of discomfort after installing Godspeed S performance lowering springs. This spring set works fine with stock OEM shocks as they are designed for OEM shocks. But if you install high-performance aftermarket shocks then the comfort and performance of your car will increase a lot with this springs set.

The multi heat-treated wires and cold wound prevents these lowering springs from sagging over time. Also, you won’t have to worry about rattling, clunking, and rubbing. The powder coat finish of each spring protects from corrosion and material defects.


  • Highly durable built quality prevents corrosion, sagging, rubbing, clunking & rattling.
  • Designed to work with both OEM shocks and high-performance aftermarket shocks.
  • Enhances steering response and improves cornering.
  • Lowers upto 1.4 inches while maintaining ride quality.


  • You would need aftermarket shocks for the best performance.

#4 Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Eibach pro kit springs are the most reliable and popular lowering springs in the market. Eibach’s pro kit springs are the best lowering spring option for the most frequently-driven cars. This model is specially designed for Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. This spring will dramatically improve both your car’s appearance and performance.

This model of Eibach pro kit springs is undoubtedly the best lowering springs for Evo X. It will lower your car’s center of gravity and reduce squat driving acceleration. Installing the Eibach pro kit for your Evo X will also reduce excessive nose-dive while braking, and cornering body roll which will massively improve your car’s performance and comfort.

When talking about appearance, the Eibach pro kit will reduce your car’s fender-well clearance which will give your car a more sporty and aggressive look. Eibach comes with progressive rate springs which are no less than linear rate springs in terms of comfort and performance.

If you want to increase the balance of your car and steer response then the Eibach pro kit can help you a lot. This lowering spring set offers aggressive looks, convenient handling, and comfortable riding performance without compromising the safety of your car at the most reasonable price.


  • Ultimate balance improvement with progressive spring design.
  • Delivers aggressive look and high-performance handling and braking comfort.
  • Reduces body roll in corners and excessive dive roll while braking.
  • Reduces fender-well clearance.
  • Fits all models of Exo X.


  • Doesn’t come with linear rate springs.

#5 Godspeed LS-TS-II-0001-A Traction-S Performance Lowering Springs

Here are the best lowering springs for the g35 coupe. Godspeed traction performance-S lowering springs set is compatible with Infiniti g35 coupes’  2003-2007 RWD models. This springs set is made of SAE 9254 steel which is the ideal material for coil springs. However, you can go for these lowering springs if you want maximum comfort along with a lower-body design.

The average drop of this spring is 1.25 inches in front and 1.5 inches in the rear which is ideal for an Infiniti g35 coupe. You would be able to drive your car with improved steer response, quick turn-in, comfortable cornering, and braking with Godspeed traction-S performance lowering springs.

You can use these springs with stock shocks as they are designed to work with OEM shocks. You can still improve your car’s performance to its maximum level by using aftermarket high-performance shocks.

Godspeed springs are made of high-quality materials. These prevent rubbing, rattling, and clunking. They are also resistant to corrosion and sagging. This means that you can push your car’s lowering springs to their maximum limit without any concern of damage or discomfort.


  • Multi heat-treated wires and cold wounds prevent sagging.
  • Works well with both OEM shocks and high-performance aftermarket shocks
  • Can lower your g35 coupe car upto1.25 inches in front & 1.5 inches in the rear.
  • Delivers lower body look and better stability while maintaining ride quality.


  • Uncomfortable and bumpy over speed breakers

#6 Godspeed LS-TS-MA-0002 Traction-S Performance Lowering Springs

Another great lowering spring model from godspeed. This springs set is suitable for all Mazda 3 models which is a very frequently driven car. Mazda 3 has a very sporty body design which looks even more aggressive when lowered. Godspeed traction-S performance springs can lower your car without reducing comfort and balance.

The average drop of this spring is 1.1 inches in front and 1.2 inches in the rear which is ideal for Mazda 3. This amount of average drop will maintain both comfort and aggressive outlook at the same time. With this spring set, you will also get better handling and cornering performance from your car.

Reduced body roll of your car with prevention of rattling, clunking, and rubbing makes these lowering springs highly reliable. What amuses me the most is that you can use godspeed springs with both OEM shocks and high-performance aftermarket shocks.

The multi heat-treated wires and cold wounding of godspeed springs prevent it from sagging over time. There are very few springs that provide such reliability and performance while maintaining ride comfort at this price. So, you can choose Godspeed springs over other springs for your Mazda 3.


  • One of the best lowering springs for Mazda 3.
  • Built with premium quality materials such as high heat treated wires that prevent sagging.
  • Improves performance and appearance while maintaining ride comfort.
  • Works well with both OEM & aftermarket shocks.


  • Too much bumpy on speed breakers.

#7 Skunk2 519-05-1585 Lowering Spring

Skunk2 lowering spring can be the ideal choice for your honda civic. This spring is designed to improve both the looks and performance of your car without any sort of discomfort. If you want an amazing 2-inch drop to your sporty-looking honda civic, then Skunk lowering spring is the best choice at the most reasonable price.

The biggest discomforts like squatting under acceleration and nose-diving while braking is reduced with this lowering spring. This means that you won’t have to lean forward and backward while driving fast and sudden braking. You will experience a smooth and comfortable ride without body roll-out with Skunk2 lowering springs.

You can pair Skunk lowering springs with both factory OEM shock absorbers and aftermarket high-performance shocks. If you want to use aftershocks then Skunk2 has already recommended compatible Skunk2 sports shocks and other suspension components.

CNC wound the highest quality SAE 9254V spring steel is used in Skunk2 lowering springs set. These materials are long-lasting, durable, and stress relieved which makes them reliable for long-term usability. The powder coating and specialized phosphate treating process used in this springs set also make it corrosion resistant. Skunk2 springs come at a slightly higher price than other lowering springs but the premium built quality makes this spring worth it.


  • Low center gravity improves handling, cornering, and braking comfort.
  • Usable with both OEM shocks & aftermarket shocks.
  • The highest quality spring steel material used to prevent corrosion and shot-peen stress.


  • Too much pricey.

#8 H&R 29392-3 Performance Spring Set

H&R 29392-3 performance spring sets are one of the most reliable lowering springs. This lowering spring set is compatible with all W203 based Mercedes Benz vehicles such as C55 AMG, CLK 500 coupe, etc models of 2002-2010. H&R spring sets will not only lower your car’s appearance but will also improve your car’s handling and comfort.

Your car’s height can be lowered up to 40mm/ 1.3 inches which are perfect for its compatible car models. The springs are powder coated for a better outlook and corrosion resistance. This means that you can use H&R springs for a long time without any concern about their long activity.

If you are concerned about progressive and linear rate springs then H&R is the right choice for you. You would be amused to know that this spring set comes in both linear and progressive rate springs. You can use these springs with both OEM stock shocks & other aftermarket shock absorbers.

Superb ride quality is ensured with H&R lowering springs. This spring set provides wonderful comfort of handling, cornering, braking, and driving on bumpy roads along with a sporty lowered outlook. If you have a high budget then there is no better option than H&R lowering springs.


  • Provides both sporty appearance and comfort of riding.
  • Comes in both progressive and linear spring rate options.
  • Usable for both stock OEM & aftermarket shock absorbers
  • Versatile compatibility of all W203 based Mercedes Benz vehicles


  • These lowering springs are too much expensive

#9 Eibach 85117.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring

Are you looking for lowering springs to give your Volkswagen GTI a sporty look? This model of Eibach pro kit performance springs can be your top preference as it is compatible with all 2015-2019 4 door Volkswagen GTI cars. This high-performance lowering kit can improve the balance of your car and give it a very aggressive outlook.

By lowering the center of gravity, Eibach springs prevent your car from squatting acceleration problems. This will also prevent the discomfort of nose-diving while braking. This means that now you can stop faster without any discomfort and damaging your car. Maintaining such superior ride quality is hardly seen on other lowering spring models.

A moderate drop of suspension with Eibach lowering springs improves handling very gently. You would be able to take turns and corner faster without any facing discomfort or body roll-out problems. You will also get quick response steering benefits with Eibach lowering springs.

Surprisingly, you will also get better MPG after installing Eibach lowering springs which is quite a big advantage. On the other hand, its progressive spring rate will make it feel as comfortable as stock springs. All these facilities along with an aggressive outlook make it the perfect lowering spring for Volkswagen GTI.


  • Prevents from body roll-out and squat acceleration problems
  • Convenient handling and cornering comfort ensured
  • Prevents excessive nose-diving while braking
  • Progressive spring design to get comfort similar to stock and better MPG


  • You will experience a harsh ride for the first few days of installing

#10 Manzo Racing Performance Lowering Spring Kit

Manzo racing performance lowering spring kits are specially made for racing cars. But it has been a highly popular lowering spring for off-road cars. This lowering spring has the highest lowering height of other springs on our list. You can go for Manzo springs if you want better handling and a sporty outlook from your off-road car.

This highly durable racing performance lowering spring from Manzo is made of SAE 9254 which is the finest quality steel for springs. This spring is highly durable for long-term use under the highest pressure. The powder-coated finish of the springs also makes them resistant to corrosion and premature sagging.

You can lower your vehicle’s height up to 1.9 inches which are quite reasonable for off-road and racing vehicles. This lowering process doesn’t only change the outlook of your vehicle but will also improve your car’s overall performance. Steer response, handling, balance, and braking will be much more smooth and comfortable with Manzo lowering springs.

As this lowering spring is designed for multiple vehicle types, there is no specific clearance for lowering the height. This spring drop amount varies in different vehicles. However, it is still one of the best springs for lowering your car with the experience of race car handling and astonishing comfort.


  • Race Car handling experience with fast steer response.
  • Up to 1.90 inches drop height compatible with racing cars and off-road vehicles.
  • Finest quality cold wounded steel prevents from sagging and corrosion.


  • The rear springs might seem to be too low for some vehicles

Best Lowering Springs – Buying Guide

Here are some of the most important factors that you should look upon while choosing the best lowering spring for your car:

Spring Type- Progressive Vs Linear

There are mainly two types of spring types used in lowering springs which are progressive spring rate and linear spring rate. There are lots of differences between these two types of springs but progressive spring is better for lowering springs. However, if you are a professional driver who would drive on a certain track only then you can choose a linear spring for your car. Here are the differences between progressive and linear springs:

Progressive Spring Rate

Progressive spring rate is named as it works progressively by changing spring rate as it is compressed. This type of springs is designed close to factory spring rates which makes them ideal for use with factory shocks. Progressive spring rate is compressed very fast past the factory spring range which keeps it close to factory spring range.

This type of spring ensures factory ride quality and provides comfort while driving through bumps, holes, aggressive turns, etc. The lower the spring goes, the higher the spring rate is. This facility keeps the suspension from compressing too much which prevents lowering springs and cars from getting damaged.

Linear Spring Rate

Linear springs are mostly used with specific shock absorbers that are designed to use with heavy spring rates. This type of spring has a constant spring rate along with the entire spring which makes it quite sturdy for lowering springs. Linear springs deliver a more consistent feeling under pressure which is good for track driving with modified high-performance shock absorbers.

You would have to sacrifice the ride comfort of your vehicle if you use a linear rate lowering spring. This happens because you are consistently driving at a much higher spring rate than necessary which can make your ride bumpy.

Lowering Amount

You have to be sure about how much you want to lower your car to buy specific lowering springs. If you want to lower more than 2 inches then you would also need to change your vehicle’s factory shock absorbers. However, we would recommend you to not lower your vehicle by more than 1.5 inches. Lowering springs do not settle so it would go up to 1 inch lower after a few days.

Built Quality

There are lots of cheap lowering springs that are not durable enough for heavy use. Godspeed series’ models of our list are highly durable as they are made of high heat treated wires which prevents the spring from sagging. The steel material of your spring should also be premium grade.

Car Type & Compatibility

You have to know your car’s body type and find compatible lowering springs for that certain body type. We have enlisted lowering springs for different body types of cars such as fox body cars to Evo X sedan & g35 coupe cars. You can also check out if your car is compatible with your preferred lowering spring on the manufacturer’s website.


Springs provide comfort while braking, cornering, and bumpy roads. Lowering springs produce more comfort by reducing your car’s body roll-out. You should always go for lowering springs. Some springs reduce your car’s excessive nose diving which is good for comfort. Lowering springs that work well with factory shock absorbers are convenient in terms of comfort.


Lowering springs mostly increases the performance of handling a car. You can check online reviews to find out if your preferred lowering spring can improve your car’s steer response, cornering, quick turn-in, and provide better viewing angles. Keep in mind that you would get better viewing angles only if you lower your car’s front springs and leave the rear springs as factory designed.


Apart from boosting your vehicle’s suspension, lowering springs can boost your car’s outlook by giving it a more aggressive body shape. Lowering your car gives it a more aggressive and sporty look where the amount of lowering height varies on different types of vehicles. You have to understand how much you should lower your car for a sporty outlook and find the ideal lowering spring for that height.


You can surely look for lowering springs under your budget as there are lots of good quality springs in the market at a good value. Don’t get fooled by offers and too many cheap springs as they won’t be as sturdy as advertised. You can get both longevity and comfort at a good value from all models of godspeed and Eibach lowering kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Lowering Springs Bad For My Car?

Ans: Lowering springs are not bad for your car if they are installed properly. However, poorly done or lowering your car too much can cause damage to your car. Your car’s tires will start running with your car’s frame or other steering parts if you lower your car too much. Your car might also bump over speed breakers.

Q2: How Long Does Lowering Springs Last?

Ans: How long your lowering springs would last depends on many factors. It depends on how many miles of shocks, road conditions & how you drive. An OEM shock lasts at least 50k miles. You accelerate the wear-on shocks with lowering springs thus they would last less than stock OEM shocks. You can extend your car springs life by driving carefully on bumpy roads.

Q3: Would Lowering Springs Ruin Ride Quality?

Ans: Your factory shocks are designed to produce the best performance on the factory set height. If you lower your car’s height then shocks will also perform on a lower level. This will slightly ruin ride quality but it is nothing compared to the benefits of control, steering, and braking comforts you will get.

Q4: Is H&R Or Eibach Better?

Ans: If you are confused between H&R and Eibach then you should go for H&R as it is better than Eibach in most terms. H&R uses a stiff 54SiCr6 alloy spring which has a way higher progressive spring rate than  Eibach springs.

This means that H&R springs would offer less body roll-out, better control, and stability. However, if your budget is low, then you can go for Eibach as they are really good performance springs at a low price.

Q5: Would Lowering Springs Ruin My Cars OEM Shocks?

Ans: If your lowering spring doesn’t go lower than 1.5 inches then it won’t ruin your car shocks. Springs that produce slight lowering are mostly designed to work well with factory shocks as they are located around the vehicle’s original suspension.

If you are planning on lowering your vehicle by more than 1.5 inches then you should change your factory shocks with high-performance aftermarket shocks.

Q6: Do Lowering Springs Settle?

Ans: Lowering springs do not settle on a fixed height. This type of spring moves slightly lower after a few days of use. Your cars lowering springs can drop upto 1.5 inches more after a few days but that doesn’t mean that the springs are sagging.

Final Words

Now that we have shown you the best lowering springs for your car, you can choose one for your vehicle. If your car’s lowering spring is not on our list then we have also shown a buying guide so that you can buy a lowering spring for your car.

Lowering your car is a really easy task if you have access to a car garage. Your only concern should choose the right spring for your car. Good luck.

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