Gabriel Shocks Review

Today we’re going to talk about Gabriel shocks review (The heavy-duty shock absorbers). Their goal is to help the drive run smoothly by reducing the amount of feedback it receives.

It is safe to say that no one likes to have a rough ride when driving. If you don’t have the right shocks in your vehicle, you might experience driving issues. So, choosing the perfect shocks for your car ensures a smooth and steady ride.

The weight of the truck, the type of suspension it has, and the truck’s intended use are some of the factors that determine the design of shock absorbers. This article includes four lines of Gabriel shock absorbers for trucks, trailers, and buses. They were designed specifically for that application.

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Gabriel Shocks Review – An Overview

(1) For lighter trucks with heavier front suspensions that will be primarily used for delivery, the 83000 series with a 1 3/8 inch bore would be the best choice. You can trust in the durability of this small compact series whether you are driving through a busy downtown or bumping along a gravel road in the country.

(2) The 85000 series is your best choice for trucks and trailers with low friction suspensions weighing between 19,500 lbs and 33,000 lbs. The series has more durability and better fluid capacity to keep up with heavier loads and harsher road conditions, thanks to a large design and thicker 1 5/8 inch bore.

(3) The next series of shock absorbers are the 85700 series, which are designed for heavy trucks and buses. Since these shock absorbers will be used in heavy trucks and buses, you’ll want the strongest seals possible. Fluids are custom blended with a high-temperature resistance to withstand the high pressures that would normally break down standard shock absorber oils.

(4) Last is a 89000 GasLX series shock absorber designed for commercial trucks weighing 26,000 lbs to 33,000 lbs. The thing that makes this series different is that it uses a unique chamber design that contains gas to absorb the shocks. It’s no surprise that there is no shock available that will be perfect. However, Gabriel’s gas-charged shock is the best in its class for keeping your shocks maintenance-free for longer periods.

There are also three adjustable settings for the suspension system – Regular, Firm, and Extra Firm. Depending on the intended use of the truck, you will need to choose the right settings.

Gabriel Shocks Features

  • Shock absorber features: Bore size, Fluid type, Use of gas – that affect shocks absorbing characteristics.
  • The design of the pressurized Piston reduces the variability of force-velocity.
  • The multi-lip Piston is chrome finished.
  • Proper seal lubrication can be ensured.
  • Excellent durable performance can be achieved by the upgrade design.

When it comes to choosing a good shock absorber, Gabriel is one of the best companies that make them. Their products are reasonably priced and made of top-quality material. The Gabriel shock absorber is a great product for the international automotive markets.

Gabriel Product

If you have a vehicle, Gabriel shocks can be a good option. They promise to last longer than 50,000 miles, and all the rough driving issues will disappear with them. And, Gabriel assures that they will provide the perfect and various options for their products.

The Origin

Gabriel’s products are manufactured in Mexico but are also sold all over the country. You’ll be surprised to know how much of a hit their products are all over the world, through the internet. Reviews and ratings on the biggest automotive sites will give you an idea of their true success.

Price Range

Many customers who try the Gabriel shock feel that it is too expensive for the shock. But the expensive range is actually for some reason. The quality of the company’s product is not compromised. If you don’t mind paying more money, then Gabriel shocks are worth every penny. They are known for being the safest shocks on the market today.

My Honest Opinion

I’ve tested several shocks. No one came close to Gabriel’s shock. The Gabriel shock is the best shock for vehicles. It’s been a few months, and I am still loving it. Let’s get to know more about the Gabriel shock review.

Reasons That Make Gabriel Shocks Best

Gabriel shocks are ideal for your car, trailers, and truck. They’re the perfect choice for any vehicle. They’ve been around for years and they’re known for their quality and affordability. Their reputation is spotless, and the shocks have gotten better over the years. If you are interested about Miata soft top replacement then you can also read this article.

There are many things that make Gabriel shocks best, such as the high quality, the unique design, etc. Here is a list of those things, so that you could easily understand them:

Supreme Control: If you choose the best type of shock absorber, you will not have any problems with your controlling vehicle system. This is where Gabriel is going to make a difference. Gabriel shocks are a great way to keep your car on the right path. They have an excellent controlling system and they are very practical. This is going to make sure you are safe on the most difficult road.

Quality Material: We can’t talk about high-quality performance materials without mentioning Gabriel. The no-compromise policy with their material increases the price tag, but the service is well worth the cost in the long run.

Smoothest Ride: Gabriel’s shock is going to give you a great performance. From the very beginning, you will get a smooth ride. You will enjoy riding like never before.

Availability: Gabriel has the widest range of availability, which is one of the reasons why they are the best. They have a widespread network and international automotive marketing that makes their products available for everyone to buy. If you’re looking for the best sellers, Gabriel is the one to look for.

Wide Range: In this review guide, we’re only talking about shocks. But you should know that Gabriel is an industry leader in the automotive field. This company is famous for its wide range of automotive products for every vehicle.

Easy installation: In most cases, the installation process is very difficult. You won’t have to worry about the extra installation hassle with the Gabriel. The installation of the Gabriel is very easy. If you have no experience at all, you can ask an expert mechanic for safe and quick shock installation on your car.

Good Performance: From the control to the comfort, Gabriel offers the best possible riding experience to the customers. Therefore, they are very proud of their shock. Their special design and extreme quality are sure to make you feel more comfortable and more satisfied in every ride.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gabriel Shocks

It’s time to talk about the pros and cons of Gabriel shocks. In my own words, I would like to tell you about my experience with the Gabriel shocks. I’ve been using these shocks for a few months now. Through the process of using them, I have learned a lot about the shocks of Gabriel. Though I’ve not used all of them, I can give you an explanation based on popular ones.


  • High-quality material
  • Reasonable budget
  • Maximum performance output
  • G force technology was used
  • It works well in the off-road
  • Comfortable riding


  •  Some Gabriel shocks don’t work well for heavy-duty vehicles

Features & Benefits – Gabriel Shocks

The Gabriel is different in the market because of the features & benefits that come with it.

  • Gabriel shocks are designed to serve both safety and comfort.
  • It is capable of handling the smoothest ride of all time.
  • Every ride is brought joy by the quality material.
  • Gabriel uses G-force patent technology.
  • It ensures the safety of your vehicle.
  • Gabriel shocks have self-compensating and leak-proof seals.
  • The features are designed to minimize optimal seals.
  • Powerful damping features.
  • It’s possible to get everything in control of road conditions.
  • The maximum shocks of Gabriel have a bulge tube in them.

Top 3 Brands of Gabriel Shocks

I will talk about the three best-selling shocks of Gabriel. If only one of them was reviewed, it wouldn’t help. These are the three incredible shocks I came up with. Let’s take a close look at them.

1. Gabriel 77803: Max Control Shock

The Gabriel 77803 shock is the best shock for light trucks, SUVs, vans, and minivans. The purpose of this is to serve the maximum comfort and effort, and you can get the sports car experience with these vehicles and the shock combo. It doesn’t matter which type of road it is on, the shocks can guarantee to give you max control, quick response, and drive. It makes sure that safety is maintained for every vehicle.

2. Gabriel 83038: Genuine Shock Absorber

I purchased the next shock for my truck. This Gabriel 83038 Shock absorber is designed to replace the original shocks on trucks and cabs. It is an absolute shock. This is the first hydraulic shock absorber that has all the shocks. Its design makes driving more comfortable and its specific design can give maximum results. Depending on the type of vehicle, it can be adjusted.

3. Gabriel 85062: Heavy Duty Absorber

The Gabriel 85062 is a perfect part of the Gabriel 85000 series. The products of the company are top-notch and will not have any installation issues. They offer light, medium, and heavy truck suspensions in every ride. Whether you are using it for commercial or private use, it is the ultimate suspension system that can give your truck the best ride quality. Its amazing design is enhanced with each ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gabriel a good shock brand?

Yes, they are definitely a good shock. Gabriel’s shocks have high-quality material, a positive leak-proof seal, and a comfortable design for the drivers. If you want to make the driving quality better, you should give it a try. You will not find such a better shock for the money.

How long do Gabriel shocks last?

The Gabriel shocks last for 50,000 miles or 80,000 km on average. The company recommends that you have your shocks replaced every 50,000 miles or 80,000 km for maximum comfort, safety, and control. But remember, if you drive over excessively bumpy roads, it will shorten the life of the shocks, in addition to general wear and tear. To keep your vehicle running at its peak condition, make sure to check your shocks periodically for leaks or damages. Leaks, damages, excessive feedback or swaying, uneven tread wear, and grime mixed with oil are common signs when it comes to shocks that need to be replaced. 

Do Gabriel shocks come with a warranty?

Yes, Gabriel is a very well-known automotive manufacturing company. Most of the products they sell have a great warranty service. The warranty offers are usually a set amount of time from the date of purchase. When used under normal operating conditions on a private vehicle for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Are Gabriel shocks better than Monroe?

Gabriel and Monroe have two main differences. Monroe shocks provide a smooth drive, whereas Gabriel shocks tend to ride firm. Monroe shocks are more suited to highway driving and Gabriel shocks do better off-road.

Final Words

If there is a rough and faded driving issue in your vehicle, I recommend you try Gabriel shocks. Every ride on every Gabriel product will give you the highest quality driving experience. I hope my Gabriel shocks review was helpful.

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