OSC Shocks Review: How Good Are They?

If you want to avoid having problems like engine misfires, suspension problems, and hardy starts, you should get the perfect shock absorber. The OSC shock is one of the best shock absorbers in the market. It’s gaining a lot of traction because it’s a great quality option that’s within a reasonable budget. Now, we are going to write a detailed review of OSC shocks so that you can decide if this is the best option for you.

OSC Shocks Review – An Overview

When you want a reliable, quality O.E. replacement, look no further than OSC Shock Absorbers. They’re TS16949 and ISO14001 certified, quality products for your vehicle. The product has vehicle-specific part numbers to adjust today’s common cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. They feature multi-stage valves, twin-tube design, and hardened chrome plated pistons.

What Makes OSC Shocks The Best?

The OSC shocks are better for you than any other brand of shocks. You can read this article to learn more about the shocks. The most important things to consider when purchasing an OSC shock absorber are listed below.

High-quality materials – OSC is one of the best products when it comes to quality. They are made from high-quality material (hardened chrome-plated pistons) which is durable and improves the performance of the car or truck.

Maximum performance – OSC Shock absorbers are specifically tuned for each vehicle to offer maximum performance. The shocks can serve the smoothest drives with every ride. No matter what the road condition is, your vehicle will make the best out of it if it has OSC shocks installed.

Improving ride control – Ride control and road feedback are things that the OSC shocks are meant to improve. The use of these high-level shocks improves the driver’s comfort.

Affordable – OSC shock is an upgrade that is almost impossible to ignore because affordable pricing is good enough for many people.

Twin-tube design – The twin-tube design can solve all the shock absorber issues. It is possible to reduce heat and pressure out of the engine with this special twin-tube design.

Easy to install – It is very easy to install shock absorbers on your vehicle. You have all the necessary tools for that. They are easy to use and the unique design will make your life easier.

Features & Benefits of OSC Shocks

It is possible to make your ride go to the extreme with OSC shocks. The experts recommend the OSC shocks as well. Let’s take a look at what makes this shock unique.

  • SV3 Fluid Oil: Engineers can use pressurizing the oil to eliminate the negative effects of cavitation, so they can produce a better, more consistent, and more comfortable ride. They’ll find comfort in the smooth, good handling, and stability that comes with the adjustable suspension system.
  • Twin Tube Design: At high speeds, two tubes patented design eliminates oil starvation and greatly reduces heat and pressure build-up. The suspension of your vehicle is protected with twin-tube technology and it is much better than it has been before. It makes the ride of your vehicle more pleasurable.
  • Charged with nitrogen gas: A nitrogen gas-charged unit gives a greater range of control over a wider variety of road conditions than non-gas units.
  • Brackets and Mounting match OE.
  • The chrome-plated pistons and banded piston seals are very resistant to wear and tear. It is possible to prevent shocks from being damaged by rust. A shock that lasts through years of abuse is made by it. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of OSC Shocks


  • It is compatible with a lot of different vehicles.
  • The twin-tube was designed to ensure high-quality speed.
  • There is a great range of control on the roads.
  • The price range is very reasonable.
  • A controlling system with a special design is a flexible one.


  • The lift method could be improved.
  • The comfort level is not at the maximum.

FAQs about OSC Shocks

Is OSC Shock Good?

The OSC shocks are the best quality shocks, according to many customer reviews and satisfaction levels. They are reliable because of the controlling system of your vehicle. Riders who want to achieve maximum control level with quality shocks can choose this one.

Does OSC Come with a Warranty?

Yes, they have a lifetime warranty. However, any kind of defect can’t be accepted, such as misuse and accidental collapse.

Where are OSC Shocks Made?

The majority of OSC shocks & struts are made in china.

Are Cheap Shocks OK to Use?

Cheap shocks are great for an affordable price. But they won’t have all of the features that the expensive shocks have. To achieve the best performance from a cheap shock, you should use it for average use.

Final Verdict

Excellent shocks are what you need to make your vehicle run smoothly. At an affordable cost, the most desirable and wise choice would be OSC. Through exceptional service and quality products, the OSC brand has made its name. Hopefully, this article helped you better understand the brand and the OSC shock review.

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